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In general, Chivas USA, but as of recent timees, Chivas lost a lot of it's prior team, so now LA is the better team

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Q: Who is better la galaxy or chivas US?
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Who is the main rival of the LA Galaxy?

The main rival of the L.A. Galaxy is Chivas U.S.

Does California have any pro soccer teams?

Yes. Three Los Angeles Galaxy, Chivas USA [located in LA], and the San Jose Earthquakes. The Galaxy and Chivas USA share a stadium in Carson, CA which is on the outscirts of LA.

Who's better toluca or chivas?

chivas because well right now they havent lost a game there the leader of the group chivas for sure. who is the leader of all the teams? which team has more goals made than any other team? which team has the least losses? "Who's better toluca or chivas?" Chivas #16 NOT #17 BECAUSE AMERICA HAS THAT SORRY SPOT:[ win, lose, or tie, chivas till i die (YEA RITE !!!!!!!!) Chivas is better then toluca why here are some reasons: 1# the team is all made up of Mexican players 2# they have more championships than any other Mexican team and 3# they are the most popular in Mexico. THATS RIGHT CHIVAS HASTA LA MUERTE CHIVAS MANDA LA IRRE COMTROLA Chivas has sexyplayersand i wish they were naked. im hot and single and have big boobs.

Is FC Barcalona Better Than LA Galaxy?


Quien a ganado mas clasicos chivas o America?

las chivas son mejor la america sobra

What is the anthem for Chivas in Mexico?

Livin' La Vida Loca.

What football league is Chivas de Guadalajara in?

Chivas de Guadalajara estan en la Primera Division de la Federacion Mexicana de futbol. Translation: Chivas de Guadalajara are in the first division of the Mexican Football(Soccer) Federation.

Who is the richest football player in the US?

david beckham (LA Galaxy)

What US soccer team does David Beckham play for?

LA Galaxy

How many championships have the Chivas soccer team won?

11 and many more to go thats right chivas manda la irre controla

Were does David beckam?

A British footballer who now plays for the LA Galaxy in the US.

What team is david beckham in except England?


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