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LeBron James. Never has Wade been better. Wade is no doubt very talented, but LeBron James is just simply too good. LeBron cannot be stopped defensively and is a beast at the game.

wade is better. wade has better defense and can score easier than lebron. remember wade got a jumper and like to shoot the ball on the other hane lebron still hasn't developed a jumper yet so he cant rely on that. also wade has a rin lebron had too many chances to win one but couldn't lead his team because he is a ball hog.

well lebron is great but wade has More experience as a player and he can shoot free throws lebron has trouble with his ft's and besides wade can shoot jumpers lebron cant so wade is better.

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Q: Who is better in 2006 lebron or wade?
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Is wade better then lebron in 2009-2010?

Dwayne Wade is better than Lebron James

Who is better out of lebron and wade?

lebron is way better than d wade dwade sucks nuts

Is lebron james better Dwyane Wade?

wade is better

LeBron James is better than Dwyane Wade?

yes LeBron James is better than Dwayne wade

Who is better Dwayne Wade or Lebron?

Dwayne Wade is better :D

Who is the better Dwayne wade or lebron James?

Dwayne wade

Who is better Dwyane Wade or Kobe Bryant?

No one is better that Kobe but Lebron is better that D-Wade

Who is better than Dwayne Wade?

Lebron James

Who is the better Dwyane Wade or LeBron James?

in terms of experience between the two, Dwayne wade is better than lebron James is simply because d-wade carries his own team down to games to win a championship on 2006 against dallas.. Wade is simply great because he averages over 40pts on the series against dallas.. lebron entered finals on 2007 but swept by the san antonio spurs because of lack of supportin cast.. lebron is great but Dwayne wade has a heart of steel to finish thru the end.. wade is better too than James because of his effective game winners.. wade has made many game winners than James is only having 2 game winners on his career..

Is LeBron James the best player on Miami Heat?

no, d-wade is way better lebron even gave the last second shot to d-wade instead of him cause he knows he is not better

Will dwyane wade be traded?

how is lebron James better than dwyane wade when his stats. are alot better lebron is a traveler he drives to the whole like a halfback and travels and goaltends wade actually blocks shots and is a better jumpshooter and a better defender if they played one one one wade will beat on lebron and juke him lebron can't even juke he is overrated o yea wade can actually close a game and turns the ball over alot less and doesn't miss 85percent of his free throws when it's most important lebron is a showoff and has no sportsmanship mentality Yah wade is soooo much better. lebron travels like no other. wade shot improved so much and lebron shot is still garbage. Take wade off of his team well then u might wanna take Miami heat of the roster, take lebron off his team well his team will still be good, o wade is wayy better than lebron, ill think about sayin lebron is good once he gets somthin on his finger lol. and he needs to stop witha ll that powder before games lol that is so lame! WADE All The Way!! i agree 200% i would take Dwayne wade over lebron anyday.....if lebron was really as good as people say he would of won the finals... 1 game winning shot isn't gonna do anything as we all saw it didnt do anything it wasnt enough to get a ring... on the other hand Dwayne wade will come through at the times they are really needed...dontt get me wrong lebron James is an crazy basketball player but Dwayne wade is better...every1 says oo Dwayne wade got a ring cuz he had shaq...but lebron James couldn't get a ring with a beast starting line up...cmon Dwayne wade is obviously better than lebron in all aspects

Who is better dwane wade or carmelo Anthony?

Wade. He has won an NBA Championship. actually carmelo is better than lebron and dwyane

Who is better lebron or Dwyane Wade?

LeBron is better than dwayne but he doesnt consider being better than dwayne he says "We are a team We are not cocky teamates

Is Dwayne Wade better than LeBron James?

no its wade he can kill lebron anyday if lebron gets injured bye bye because he uses his strenght but wade uses his mind and that is wat makes him average the most points in the nba right now i think dey pretty even, but i wuld go wit lebron. lebron is da best to ever play da game since Jordan. lebron, Kobe and Jordan. wade, carmelo, and magic Dwayne wade is way better than lebron James he had to come to wade's team if lebron was so good way didnt he go to another team and win a champitonship lie the bulls,or the knicks with reymond felton and amari studimer sorry i don't know how to spell his name but the point is wade is the best in the game since Jordan and then Kobe,iverson,and then lebron queen James d.wade all day baby omg dwayne is the best ever Dwyane Wade has a title and he has been leading the Heat for years. You see, D wade doesnt need Bosh or Lebron He won a title with out them and then he loses with them. Wade can carry a team a long way, get Lebron ou of Miami. He is some trash LeBron is the best player since Jordan hell at his age he might even be better than Jordan in a few years. Dwyane Wade showed this season and last season why hes not better than him. Even with D-Wade on the team LeBron won 2 MVPs he is better than D-Wade, because D-Wade isn't mentioned with the names Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird, LeBron is

Who is better tmac Kobe leborn or wade?

Kobe is the Best no matter what yeahh right lebrons the best Kobe sucks who ever wrote the secon one doesnt know what they are talking about. Kobe is the best period. wade is second. then lebron. wade is a better scorer,blocker,stealer,and finisher. the only thing lebron got is rebounding and thet is because he is taller.and lebron has no jumper unlike wade he is the midrange wizard. WATCH SOME BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lebron is better than all of those players. Lebron, Wade, and T-mac are all better passers, drivers, and shooters than Kobe. The only thing Kobe can do better than these players is clutch shoot. LEBRON JAMES = MVP 2009-2010.

Who is the better basketball player Lebron James or Dwyane Wade?

Its Your Opinion But By All The Stats Over Most Of The Years It Is LeBron.

How old is LeBron James and wade?

lebron is 29 wade is 31

Is lebron better in the heat or cavs?

Lebron James is better playing as a Heat. He will get more and more comfortable playing with Bosh and Wade, as well as the 3-point man, James Jones.

Who is better Kobe Bryant or Dwayne wade?

LeBron James better than both of them. But i would say Dwayne is heaps better. BUT LEBRON JAMES IS BETTER!! I soooooooooooooooooooooo agree and i like Dwayne better than Kobe Kobe is a ballhog

Is lebron James better than kolbey Bryant?

maybe, but D. Wade pwns all

Is LeBron James better than Dwyane Wade?

Opinions from WikiAnswers ContributorsFor LeBron James:Let me just put it this way: There is NO chance in the world that Dwyane Wade is better than LeBron James. LeBron is the second best player to ever play the game and will definitely be the best player to play when he is done. LeBron just recorded three straight triple doubles. All Dwyane Wade does is score, steal, and get a few assists in. LeBron blocks every fast break opportunity, gets to the basket in many creative ways, and does everything else from stealing to assisting to rebounding to scoring, thus his three straight triple doubles and 23rd of his career. In short, LeBron James is far better than Dwyane Wade. Not to mention LeBron is one of the best closers in the game. lebron has more experience than dwayneDid LeBron lead his team to a Championship? The same answer to that question is the same as "Is Lebron James better then DWYANE Wade?"......NO.Lebron is way better than Wade .Lebron gets more ast , reb, pts, and blocksFor Dwyane Wade:I would actually pick Wade over Lebron! He actually has more assists, steals, and points. Lebron travels and goaltends, but nobody calls it! Also Wade has become a much better nock down shooter! He was injured, but remember the heat a few years ago! Dwayne Wade was on the top, and now he is gaining his respect back! He also went to college and shows he can lead a team! Lebron is too emotional. Head to head, its probably Lebron 55 to 45 % but head to head on equal teams... 65% wade 45% james!Can any of you read? Go check the stats. Wade had more assists, pts, blocks, and steals than Lebron this year. Oh ya, and he has a ring. By the way, Lebron is one of the worst closers in the game. And yes, this is after his Game 2 shot. His turnovers double in the last 5 mins of the 4th and his free throw shootin drastically falls by about 35%. Check the #'s. The King is more like a Jack.

Is Dwayne wade older than LeBron James?

Dwayne Wade is older than Lebron James

Who is better- LeBron Wade Nowitzki Arenas or Kobe?

This is no contest- obviously, LeBron is the best. He will be the greatest basketball player in the NBA history after he is retired, so there is no doubt.

Why does Dwyane Wade wear sleeve on left hand instead of right?

cuz hes better then lebron

Whose better than Michael Jordan?

Thats easy. Dwyane Wade, Lebron, & Kevin Durant!