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Q: Who is better gerrad or Rooney?
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Who is the highest paid sports official?

steven gerrad or wayne rooney

Who is better gerrad or lampard?

gerrad because he got more pace but lampard dont have the pace in midfeild

THE top ten fastest shots in the preier league?

Drogba scholes huddlestone rooney essien pennant gerrad bellamy van persie rodallega

Who is better Rooney or david villa?

Rooney is better than David villa by far because Rooney is deadly and David villa gets good support and Rooney doesn't so Rooney is better.

What are the names of famous footballers in England?

Steven Gerrad Frank Lampard Wayne Rooney John Terry

Who is better Wayne Rooney or ronaldinho?

ronaldinho is diffently better than Wayne Rooney. Rooney has big ears and ronaldinho is a better footballer! Rooney is good but not as good as ronaldinhho

Who is better Wayne Rooney or Samuel eto?

Rooney is better

Is drogba better than rooney?

drogba is not better than rooney

Who is better rooney or tevez?


Is Neymar better than Rooney?

Rooney is a lot better with more skill

Who is better anelka or Rooney?

It is probably Rooney.

Who is better Ronaldo or Rooney?

Rooney Rooney has scored way more goal than Roaldo and his a striker + better.

Who is better Rooney or Gerrard?

Probably Steven Gerrard is better than Wyne Rooney.

Who is better Rooney or Messi?

wayne rooney mate

Who is better Fernando Torres or Wayne Rooney?


Who is better charlton or Rooney?

It depends, but probably Rooney.

Who better ronaldo of gerrad?

Firstly both play at two different positions , so how can you compare them.

Name some of the EPL players?

There are a lot of EPL Players. Man United: Rooney, Ronaldino Liverpool: Torres, Gerrad These are some I can think of at this moment.

What is rooneys wife called?

Rooney's better half is Coleen Rooney.

Who is better Rooney or drogbar?

i think Rooney easy drogba is scum

Who is better Rooney or van persie?

Wayne Rooney

Who is better Ruud Van Nistelrooy or Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney

Who is better drogba or Rooney?

Drogba Is Better

Who is better Rooney or ronaldo?

I think Rooney is better than ronaldo any day because ronaldo is a big showoff.

Who is the better footballer Tevez or Rooney?

Rooney is better than tevez if you look at statistics and how he plays.but they both are good players.