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cesc fabregas is better mid fielder as he creates chances of goal scoring and is playmaker

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Q: Who is better fabregas or lampard?
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Is lampard better than fabregas?


Who is better lampard or fabregas?

obviously Fabregas because Lampard is useless without a good team setting him up with a good pass but Fabregas could be on a rubbish team but still he would be good. Fabregas is on a brilliant team (ARSENAL) CHELSEA are RUBBISH!!!

Is Gerrard better than lampard?

HAHAAH Lampard who?

Who playes better football ballak or lampard?


Who is the better captain out of Ryan giggs or cesc fabregas?

Cesc Fabregas

Who's better Ronaldo or Lampard?

Ronaldo....... Lampard really sucks!!

Which footballer is better nani or fabregas?

Nani has more skills but Fabregas has higher attribute ratings. The answer is probably Fabregas!

Is fabregas better than lampard?

That'll be a see, Lampard has the skills in terms of long range shots, passing, through balls, vision, stamina, spot kick taking, shot power, free kick accuracy and also has won more awards than Fabregas. Here are some of the awards Lampard's won; 1. award for 164 consecutive appearance. 2. award for runner up in world footballer of the year(2004/2005 and 2005/2006) 3. fans player of the year. 4. E.P.L player of the season. 5. E.P.L player of the month. 6. top scoring mid-fielder of the E.P.L 7. E.P.L trophy(more and more to come) 8. F.A cup(4) 9. Carling cup 10.U.C.L runners up 11. numerous awards for assist leader (EPL/UCL). If I were to count what Fabregas has one, it's not up to half of lampard's. Although, Fabregas is good, but almost as good as Lampard. After all he's won the world cup in S.A with Spain. But I don't seem to know what else he has won, except the premier league trophy which is dated some yrs back now. To conclude, Lampard is simply better than Fabregas.

Who is better xavi or Fabregas?

Difficult question. I would say Xavi is better, but Fabregas is also a great player.

Who is better fabregas or messi?


Who is better nasri or fabregas?


Who is better cristino ronaldo or fabregas?

Fabregas, isn't it obvious? Although they have different positions Fabregas is way better. Fabregas started younger and has come so far, he has alot more passion which makes him the better player, hence he is the sexiest guy in the whole world!

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