Who is better fabregas or Torres?

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Torres is nice perfect player he has been injured in the world cup 2010 but he still played good from fabregas Torres is the best

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Q: Who is better fabregas or Torres?
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Who is better soccer player cesc fabregas or Fernando Torres?

Well their Both very good and skilled players But El-nino has better finishes..although Cesc Fabregas has better ball control that's Wat the Nike ctr 360 is for ,>they both have great speed and are quick too but overall it's Torres because he's 1 of the worlds best player along with >cr7 and messi..etc,but it's definitely Torres ,and they both have allot of injuries during the season the one thing in common ,I'm not saying Fabregas is bad ,because he has won player of the month last year in the EPL,but again overall Torres is better by a tiny bit!!

Which footballers have played in premiership and Spain?


Who are the three stars of spanish soccer?

David Villa, Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas

Who is the better captain out of Ryan giggs or cesc fabregas?

Cesc Fabregas

Who is the best spanish football player?

There are a few like David Villa, Xavi, Torres and Fabregas.

Which footballer is better nani or fabregas?

Nani has more skills but Fabregas has higher attribute ratings. The answer is probably Fabregas!

Who is better xavi or Fabregas?

Difficult question. I would say Xavi is better, but Fabregas is also a great player.

Who is better cristino ronaldo or fabregas?

Fabregas, isn't it obvious? Although they have different positions Fabregas is way better. Fabregas started younger and has come so far, he has alot more passion which makes him the better player, hence he is the sexiest guy in the whole world!

Is fabregas better than ibrahimovic?

Mabe because fabregas is a very good midfielder .

Who is better fabregas or messi?


Who is better nasri or fabregas?