Who is better at pitching?

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yo that savage Richard thayer is a savage, josh is a nasty pitcher but Richard beats him on that one..... josh your a good pitcher go throw a tantrume somewhere because we all know your gonna bye.

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Q: Who is better at pitching?
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Who are better the dodgers or the giants?

just to say the giants have better pitching and hitting then the dodgers but sometimes its the oppisite

How did the mother New York Yankees win the 2009 World Series?

Pretty simple. Better starting pitching, better bullpen, better hitting, better base-running, and better fielding. The Phillies are a great team, but the Yankees are better in every category.

Why have a pitcher mound?

The mound allows pitchers a much better chance of pitching within the strike zone.

Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.0 Ratings?

12 inch gloves can be used for fast pitching and slow pitching. Some of the better brands are Mizuno, Rawlings, Nokona, Wilson,and Easton.

I live in Cleveland, where can I buy a pitching machine for my little league team?

Getting a pitching machine is a great training aid. You will be better served ordering one online,there are several on Amazon.

Why did the Yankees win the World Series in 2009?

strong pitching rotation, better hitting, a-rods stellar playoff

What does pitching a no-no mean?

'Pitching a no no' is baseball slang for pitching a no-hitter.

What pitches needed for pitching as a 13 year old?

A Fastball and change-up will be fine but if you have a third pitch even better.

What is the meaning of Pitching in sales area?


What is a variable in a project?

the dependent variable cant change the independent varible, but the independent variable can change the dependent varible. (eg: Bob wants to see if the new Baseball pitching machine throws better fastballs then his friend. The baseball pitching machine(independent) could change a fastball(dependent), but a fastball(dependent) cant change the baseball pitching machine(independent).

Why do you have to look at where you are pitching the ball?

If you dont look at you targer or in your case batter you can pitch off or hurt someone. Also if you are looking at your target you get better aim.

What is a leaner in pitching quarters?

Your pitching trying to get closest to the wall your pitching at. When your throw lands the quarter leaning against that wall, its a leaner.

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