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trevor peel

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Q: Who is better at basketball Logan or trevor?
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Who is better at basketball at Mountain view elementary school Trevor peel or Logan king?

Trevor Peel

Why did Logan king start over trevor peel in the last few games?

because logan cried to his dad and his dad had to suck up to the coach to get playin time because trevor is way better than logan and that is the only way logan could get to play

When was Henry Logan - basketball - born?

Henry Logan - basketball - was born in 1946.

When was Trevor Wittman born?

Trevor Wilson - basketball - was born on 1968-03-16.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Basketball Legacy of Henry Logan - 2013?

The cast of The Basketball Legacy of Henry Logan - 2013 includes: Henry Logan as himself Tom Muncy as himself

Who is the top 8th grade basketball player in Wisconsin?

Trevor anderson

Who is better carter conradt or Logan goslee?

logan goslee

Who is better Matthew or Logan?

Logan because he rocks and Matthew sucks

Is Jake paul better than Logan paul?

LOgan because he been in a movie jake hasn't also logan is better Youtuber than Jake.

What is logan Henderson favorite sport?

His favorite sport to watch is basketball.

Who is better Logan lerman or Robert Pattinson?

Logan Lerman is clearly the better actor and waaaay hotter than Robert Pattinson.Logan Lerman all the way.Clearly Logan Lerman

Does trevor ariza have a girlfriend?

Trevor Ariza is an American basketball player, known for playing for the LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets. It is currently unknown if he is seeing anyone.