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Q: Who is better at Soccer Messi or Chritiano?
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Who is better soccer player lionel messi or Cristiano ronaldo?


Who is better then messi at playing soccer?

Everyone has their own opinions, mine is no one is better than messi

Who is better at soccer Wayne Rooney or Lionel messi?

Funny question. Ofcourse Messi

Who is better at soccer cronaldo or Lionel messi?

They're very close. Ronaldo is better at shooting and is slightly faster, but Messi has better dribbling skills.

Is Cristiano Ronald better soccer player than Leonardo messi?

Messi would die because he is such a midget that he can dribble. That would mean cristiano ronaldo is better then messi, and messi will die

Who is a better soccer player leoinel messi or christano ronaldo?

If the way you determine 'better' is by monetary compensation, Ronaldo is better. If the measure is the number of goals scored internationally, Messi has 19 in 66 matches, Ronaldo has 7 in 40 matches, which makes Messi the better soccer player.

Is messi better than christiano ronaldo?

both of them are very good soccer players but i think c.ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world and messi is the second best soccer player.

Who is a better soccer player messi or chicharito?

it depends on your opinion, however Messi is regarded as the best player in the world so the answer would be Messi

Who is better soccer player messi or cristiano rolando?

Messi has more awards for being the best player of the year.

Who is better at soccer messi or Cristiano?

It is all subject to opinion but considering Ronaldo has way more experience than Messi yet Messi is still out playing him I think it's fair to say Messi is better

Who is better of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo or messi?

zidane, pele, and maradona

Is chicharito the best soccer player?

No, there are far better soccer players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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