Who is better Tom Brady or Chad Henne?

Updated: 11/18/2022
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Q: Who is better Tom Brady or Chad Henne?
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Who was chad henne backup quarterback at Michigan?

Tom Brady

What Michigan wolverines quarterbacks are playing in the NFL currently?

Tom Brady, John Navarre, Todd Collins, and Chad Henne

Who is better Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Tom Brady

Who is better Tom Brady or Joe Flacco Tom Brady.?

Tom Brady!

Who were the Michigan quarterbacks in the 1990s?

Michigan Quarterbacks in the NFL:Tom Brady 2000- Present (2017)Larry Cipa 1974-1975Todd Collins 1995-2010Elvis Grbac 1994-2001Brian Griese 1998-2008Jim Harbaugh 1987-2000Chad Henne 2008-2016Drew Henson 2004-2008John Navarre 2004-2005Bob Ptacek 1959Jake Rudock 2017 rookie

Who is better Tom Brady or petton manning?

Tom brady

Who is better Aaron Rodgers or tom brady?

brady ftw

Who is better Eli or Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is way better statistically, not to mention his 3 Super Bowl wins

Is Tom Brady better than joe montana?

Don't listen to those junk. Joe Montana is better

Who can throw further Tom Brady or Michael Vick?

Tom Brady probably because Michael Vick is better at running, Tom is a much better thrower.

Who's better tom brady or Aaron Rodgers?

brady ftw

Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

that is so easy TOM BRADY