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its an opinion but i think reggie bush is better and hes on the New Orleans Saints currently

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:52:06
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Q: Who is better Reggie Bush or laDanian Tomlinson?
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Who is faster reggie bush or ladanian tomlinson?

Reggie Bush runs the 40 in 4.4 range and is faster than LT.

Who is a better half back ladinian tomlinson or reggie bush?

ladanian tomilson, easily. he's fast and very methodical. I agree LT is better overall but Reggie is much faster and a big Home Run hitter he is one of the most explosive players in the NFL.

Who is the fastest nfl player on Madden today?

Darren sproles(San Diego Chargers) reggie bush(New Orleans Saints) ladanian tomlinson(New York Jets)

Is LT better than reggie bush?

Reggie Bush

Reggie bush vs ladaininan tomlinson?

LT hands down!

Who is better Reggie Bush or Deuce McAllister?

Reggie Bush is better than Deuce McAllister there is no question about that

Is reggie ross a better fotball player than reggie bush?

No reggie Bush is hotter, faster, and more better no you see reggie finklea is hotter and better! from-Chris Thomas

Who is better Tim Tebow or Reggie Bush?

Tim Tebow is better than Reggie Bush by a landslide. Reggie Bush did'nt deserve the Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow earned the Heisman. ********************************************* Wow really. Reggie Bush is way better. Reggie won two nation championship games, and played in a total of three. Reggie Bush can catch, run, and return the football. He is faster then Tim Tebow too.

Who are 5 running backs in the NFL and which teams do they play for?

1. Adrian Peterson-Minnesota Vikings 2. Chris Johnson- Tennessee Titans 3. Michael Turner- Atlanta Falcons 4. LaDanian Tomlinson- New York Jets 5. Reggie Bush- New Orleans Saints

Who is better reggie bush or Marian barber?

Marion Barber

Who is better Percy harvin or reggie bush?

Percy harvin

Who is better Barry Sanders or Reggie bush?

of course barry

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