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Mexico is far better as they have been to more world cups.

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Q: What country is better Mexico or el salvador?
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Who is better el salvador or Mexico at soccer?

Mexico, it has more victories over El Salvador but El Salvador is a good team but the better team (Mexico) wins

Where in Mexico is El Salvador?

el salvador is its own country south of Mexico

Who is better el salvador or Mexico?

Mexico is far better, as they have been to more world cups.

Who is better Mexico or el salvador?

Mexico is, as the statistics speak for themselves:27-03-35: Mexico 8-1 El Salvador18-02-38: Mexico 6-0 El Salvador28-03-65: Mexico 2-0 El Salvador07-06-70: Mexico 4-0 El Salvador12-10-77: Mexico 3-1 El Salvador15-02-78: Mexico 5-1 El Salvador06-11-81: El Salvador 1-0 Mexico04-04-93: El Salvador 2-1 Mexico18-04-93: Mexico 3-1 El Salvador08-06-97: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador05-10-97: Mexico 5-0 El Salvador19-06-02: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador

What country borders both Mexico and el salvador?

Guatemala does.

When was the last time Mexico beat El Salvador?

The last time Mexico beat El Salvador was June 12,2012. Mexico had 2 and El Salvador had 1.

What countries are currently El Salvador's allies and enemies?

The country that is allies with el Salvador is Spain, USA, and Brazil. Those are the country allies with El Salvador. El Salvador enemies countries is Honduras and Guatemala. Those are the two countries that hate El Salvador. I think because el Salvador its better than them, sorry

What time does Mexico vs el salvador play.?

What time dose mexico play Vs el salvador

Who are the neighbouring country of Guatemala?

The neighbouring countries are Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador

When was the last time el salvador beat Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador last beat Mexico on April 4, 2007 by a goal difference of 2-1 in El Salvador.

How many times has el salvador beaten Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador has beat Mexico four times in Soccer.

Did the Mayans live in New Mexico or Mexico?

They lived in present-day Mexico (the country, not the state), Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

Is Salvador better than Mexico?

In cultural and social terms, no country is better than other; so much so that to many foreigners, Mexican and Salvadorian cultures are almost the same.In economic terms however, Mexico is more advanced than El Salvador:Mexico GDP: 1845 billion (10th largest in the world)El Salvador GDP: 47.4 billion (98th largest in the world)Mexico GDP per capita: 15,600El Salvador GDP per capita: 7,500

IS El Salvador a City?

No. El Salvador is a country.

What country occupies what was once the Maya region?

Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador hold such distinction.

Is el salvador a poor country?

El Salvador is a small country with a rich history.

Which Central American country has the most countries bordering on it?

Guatemala is such country. It borders Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

Which of these is the name of a country El Salvador or Antwerp?

el salvador

What are examples of cultural diffusion?

for example pupusas. pupusas are from el salvador. Mexico borrowed it from el salvador the diffusion country is el salvador.There are more than 5 examples of cultural diffusion. The top five are compass, bow, arrow, music and cars.

Who won the El Salvador vs Mexico beach soccer match in Cancun?

el salvador

Is El Salvador's military better then Mexico's?

Mexico has a military composed of 343,905 professional troops, while El Salvador has a military composed of 42,400 men.In case of being attacked, Mexico has the capacity to mobilize 48.88 million people fit for military service, while El Salvador has 2.45 million people fit for such endeavor.Mexico's military budget amounts for US$5.19 billion, while the Salvadorian military budget totals US$130.2 million.Clearly, Mexico has a better equipped, larger army than El Salvador.

What country border Guatemala but not Honduras?

Beliz Mexico El Salvador

Is Honduras in Mexico?

No, It is a country in Central America, next to El Salvador; its the knee of that connects North America and South America.

Is el salvador in Mexico or it is a country?

It is an independent country, located in Central America and bordered by Guatemala and Honduras, facing the Pacific Ocean.

What state is el salvador in?

el salvador is a country in central America