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Personal opinion really.

But on last seasons performance probably Manchester United. They won the 2008 World Club Cup, Carling Cup and Premiership, as well as getting to the Champions League final. Chelsea won the FA Cup, but we shall see this season.

Manu are better!

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Manchester United are 100,000 times better than Chelsea, Chelsea have so much money that allows them to compete, teams like Chelsea and city are killed the English game. Cucking FUNT

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Q: Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea?
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Is Manchester United better than Chelsea?

Manchester United is a better than Chelsea F.C. as Manchester United are ranked 3rd in Europe and Chelsea F.C. are 7th.

Are Chelsea better then Manchester united?


Who is better Manchester utd or Chelsea fc show statistics?

Manchester united

Why did Mata leave Chelsea?

because manchester united are better

Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea football club in soccer?

obiously, manchester united, they are the best better than barca' in my opinion

Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

Which was there first Manchester united or Chelsea?

Manchester United was there first, it is 27 years older than Chelsea football club.

Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

William Gallas - Chelsea and Arsenal. Ashley Cole - Arsenal and Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre - Manchester United and Arsenal. Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea and Arsenal. Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool (Loan) and Chelsea. Mark Bosnich - Manchester United and Chelsea. Andrew Cole - Arsenal and Manchester United. Mark Hughes - Manchester United and Chelsea. Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal and Liverpool. Paul Ince - Manchester United and Liverpool. Juan Sebastian Veron - Manchester United and Chelsea. Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea and Liverpool. These are the few I know of for a fact. These are all since the formation of the Premier League.

Who is stronger Chelsea or Manchester United?

Chelsea because they have fantastic players

Can you list the winners of the English Premier League from 2002-2010?

2002 Arsenal 2003 Manchester United 2004 Arsenal 2005 Chelsea 2006 Chelsea 2007 Manchester United 2008 Manchester United 2009 Manchester United 2010 ?

Does background music make you eat slower?

manchester united are a much better football team than chelsea

Is Chelsea a better football team than Manchester united?

If you look at the resent games Manchester united would be better but looking at the simple skills Chelsie have more of that so over all , they have the same level of football.