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Manchester United are equily god but Manchester united wins Liverpool more than Liverpool wins Manchester united

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:50:48
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Q: Who is better Liverpool or manu?
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Who is Better Liverpool or manu in?


Is manU better than Liverpool?

If Liverpool got beat off stoke then manu is better

Who do you think is the better manu or Liverpool?

Liverpool - 5 European Cups to United's 3.

Are manu better than Liverpool?

Well What do u think? Manu:D

Is Liverpool better than Manchester United?

Manchester United are much better than Liverpool FC. Manchester United FC has many more honors.defnently Liverpool are better than manu!

Manu and Liverpool?

They are equally the same just liver pool are a little bit better !

Who has the biggest fan base Liverpool fc or manu?


Players played for Liverpool and man utd?

manu suck

Who is better manu or Chelsea?

Chelsea are Better than Manu By Far!

How has soccer equipment changed over time?

Liverpool has more than manu. In last 1000 games liverpool has won 652 of them and manu 301 and 47 draw... Liverpool is the greatest club in England which has won 8 European cups

Is Liverpool better that Manchester united?

Manchester United is now far better than Liverpool but back before the premier league was around, Liverpool was the better team. Although Liverpool have won more championsleagues Manchester united has won 16 out of 21 premierships so Manchester United at the moment is the better team. In the last 4 meeting Liverpool has outscored united 10-2, Therefore even though manu is winning the premier leaugue, Liverpool is capable of beating them any day.

Which premier league club has the most fan base?

ManU have the biggest fanbase in terms of popularity, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool far behind, but when comes to the ACTUAL LOYAL fans, and not the many fake fans that support ManU and Chelsea, then Liverpool and Arsenal are not far behind ManU. Chelsea are 4th. ManU havethe backing of the Asians as well Liverpool and Arsenal have the backing of most africans Chelsea have most fans from a popular European base.

How many times have Manu won the premier league?

It is 18 times same as Liverpool.

Are sunderland better than Liverpool?

liverpool are better

How many times has Manchester united beat Liverpool?

man utd beat Liverpool 2367 times Liverpool beat man utd 1 time

Who is better - Liverpool or Manchester united?

Liverpool are much better

Is Liverpool better than spurs?

Liverpool is way better

Who has the most fans manu or Liverpool?

i think it's liverpool, cause' liverpool are greater, maybe liverpool never win club world cup, and man u ever won it one time, but look at liverpool other trophies, like champions league, liverpool won it 5 time, and man u only 3 times. so i think liverpool is having most fan, especially in europe because liverpool rival in other league is less than manu,

Who is better Liverpool or chelsa?


Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

Is Man U better than Liverpool?

Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better

Who is better at football ma n utd or Liverpool?

liverpool better!!

Who is the better side Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool but Chelsea is a lot better

Which team is better Chelsea or Liverpool?


Who is better man united or Liverpool?