Who is better Kaka or Messi?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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messi by far is better!!

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Q: Who is better Kaka or Messi?
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Who is better in your opinion - Kaka or Messi?

Messi is the beast Kaka is no good for Messi

Is kaka better than messi?

Kaka would win because Kaka is faster than messi in every world cup.

Who is better at football kaka or messi?


Which is better messi or kaka?

Kaka by a mile when both are at their top form. Kaka is a complete player but messi is a club player (only shining at barca with xavi & iniesta).KAKA IS HAVING A BAD TIME NOW BUT WHEN HE IS BACK FROM HIS INJURY HE WILL AGAIN REGAIN HIS STATUS AS WORLD NO.1 . For me :- 1.Kaka 2.C.Ronaldo 3.Messi.

Why do you think messi is better than ronaldo?

the best is kaka but of course messi is better than ronaldo ronaldo has no talent at all. the bests are 1.kaka 2.messi 3.neymar 4.muller ronaldo will go to porto in 2015 kaka will not go to psg but will go back to milan with muller

Is kaka the best?

No he is not , it is Lionel Messi.

Who is currently the best football player?

ronaldo then messi then kaka

Who is better ronaldo or kaka?

ronaldo is better he is also better than messi

How is better kaka or ronaldo?

the both world class player the both were born in Portugal but who is better kaka or ronaldo well to me it has to be Cristiano ronaldo he the best player in the world then it is messi then it is kaka then it is wanye Rooney then it is fabergas so the best from kaka and ronaldo is Cristiano ronaldo Cristiano ronaldo is the best looking footballer he got the best skills

Is ricardo kaka the best player in the world?

Yes his better then Lionel Messi ronaldihnio ronaldo and ronaldo sucks any way idiots

Who is presently the most creative player in soccer?

Ronaldo, Messi or Kaka

Is messi the best footballer?

He is pretty good, but the best one is Kaka