Who is better Joseph Williams or Babe Ruth?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Must be Babe Ruth as Joseph Williams was apparently not much of a Baseball player as there is no record of him in baseball.

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Q: Who is better Joseph Williams or Babe Ruth?
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What is the value of a baseball signed by babe Ruth and ted Williams?


Is ted Williams the greatest hitter of alltime?

No. George Herman "Babe" Ruth was a better hitter, but not by much. See The Babe was also one of the greatest pitchers ever, contributing far more defensively then Williams. Some may argue Williams to be a better hitter, and it's very close, in the end perhaps even a matter of opinion, but no one can argue that there's ever been a better PLAYER than Babe Ruth. Period.

Who is better Babe Ruth or Willie Mays?

jacke robison is the best in baseball ever for so many things. First of all, let's make certain we restrict the discussion to ONE THING ONLY: who was a better BASEBALL PLAYER. Robinson is clearly a far more admirable person, and had a greater positive impact on baseball -- indeed, on American society in general. But that wasn't the question asked. For a total MLB career, there can be no doubt but that Ruth was better. Robinson played for a total of ten seasons. Ruth played more seasons than that just for the New York Yankees -- and it would no problem to find ten such seasons in which Ruth was better than Robinson in just about every statistical category. Let's start with lifetime career AVERAGES (in all of the following, Ruth's stats are listed first, Robinson second). BA: .342, .311 (in other words, Robinson's BEST year was only as good as Ruth's CAREER average) On-base percentage: .474, .409 (ditto, except that the latter's best seasonal average wasn't even AS GOOD AS Ruth's career) Slugging average: .690, .474 (ditto, and this to add: Robinson's BEST year was 150 points less than Ruth's CAREER) OPS: 1.164, .883 (ditto) It's true that Ruth played more years than Robinson. So, to be fair, we'll only add up stats from his first twelve years with the Yankees. That means we won't use 1919, the year Ruth set the record for most home runs in a season; or 1932 (and onward), the year he hit 41 homers. At bats (remember that Robinson often batted lead-off): 5936, 4877 Runs: 1664, 947 (Ruth bested Robinson's BEST year in nine seasons) Hits: 2119, 1518 (Robinson had more than 185 hits in a season only once; Ruth did it six times) 2Bs: 373, 273 3Bs: 94, 54 (yes, Ruth had far more triples than Robinson) HRs: I'll skip this stat RBIs: 1647, 734 (Ruth bested Robinson's best year in ten seasons) Stolen bases: 84, 197 (about the only stat for which Robinson out-did Ruth) Walks: 1276, 740 (Ruth bested Robinson's best year in thirteen seasons)

Who are the top 3 pitchers with homers?

babe ruth ted williams carl crawford

What is value of Ted Williams and Babe Ruth autograph by Williams?

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