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wall for age

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Q: Who is better John Wall or Gilbert Arenas?
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Who plays for the Washington wizards?

John Wall, Gilbert arenas, and a whole bunch of no-namers.

Who is better John Wall or Ryan Harrow?

John Wall is definitely better.

Who is better derrick rose or john wall?

John wall

Is Kobe Bryant better than john wall?


Who better john wall or derrick rose?


Who is better John Wall or Brandon Jennings?

To tell you the truth im going to go with John Wall. Brandon Jennings is ok but not putting up the stats like Wall is.

What has the author John Wall written?

John Wall has written: 'Better exits' -- subject(s): Venture capital 'A letter from Mr. Wall to John Milton, Esquire, May 26 1659' 'Fraud training for Internal Auditors - is it adequate?' 'Malvern waters'

Who is the better basketball player demarcus cousins or john wall?

the answer is based on your opinion.john is better in steals ,assists ,and points ,but demarcus is better in blocks and rebounds=)

Is Kentucky better than Texas in basketball?

Texas is pretty good, but Kentucky is currently way better with John Wall and stuff.

Is John Wall Dead?

No, John Wall is not dead.

Is John wall in the Do the John Wall music video?


Can john Wall beat Kobe Bryant?

Well in my opinion I think john wall is the best, flexible, and very very talented!!!and I think he is better then Kobe but it wouldn't be fair if they competed beccause the lakers been playing way longer then the wizards but if they did I wood think John Wall would beat Kobe Bryant.........!!!