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Q: Who better john wall or derrick rose?
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Who is better derrick rose or john wall?

John wall

Is derrick rose better than john wall?

John Wall still has alot too learn so Rose cause he's has more exp. but J-Dub will be up there sooner later

What NBA players are in gangs?

derrick rose jr smith nd john wall

Who is the fastest point guard in the nba?

Derrick Rose ( also fast - Rajon Rondo , John Wall , Chris Paul )

Who advertises for Adidas?

I know that in basketball, Adidas have signed players like Tim Duncan, John Wall, Damien Lillard, Derrick Rose to name a few.

Who is better John Wall or Ryan Harrow?

John Wall is definitely better.

Who is the top nba point guards?

Stephen curry, derrick rose, rajon rondo, Chris Paul, john wall, deron Williams, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chauncey billups, Gilbert arenas, tony Parker (not in order)

Who are the most famous players in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson, Blake Griffin, John Wall, Shaq, Scottie Pippin, MICHAEL JORDAN

Who is better John Wall or Gilbert Arenas?

wall for age

Famous oil painter who painted red haired woman standing by a garden wall smelling a rose?

This painting is one the wall in my room! It's by John William Waterhouse and is called "The Soul of the Rose."

Which basketball players only played one year of college basketball?

Derrick rose o.j mayo kosta kufus kevin durant michael beasley john wall tyreke evans ...

Who is better John Wall or Brandon Jennings?

To tell you the truth im going to go with John Wall. Brandon Jennings is ok but not putting up the stats like Wall is.

Is Kobe Bryant better than john wall?


Who are the top 10 point guards right now?

1.Derrick Rose 2.Chris Paul 3.Rajon Rondo 4.Deron Williams 5.Russell Westbrook 6.Tony Parker 7.Steve Nash 8.Stephen Curry 9.John Wall 10.Kyrie Irving This is not 2012 point guards its just when they are healthy Chris Paul and Derrick Rose.Derrick is the better player.Paul is the better pure point guard.Thats just because Derrick doesnt have another scorer as like paul does (Blake Griffin).Derrick is an explosive player who gets to the rim easily at a very young age and has improved in his shot.His assists numbers went up this season but then he got an injury to stop it to 7.9 but he had 8.7 before.Paul is a good defender (steals) shooter clutch player.But if people r comparing Derrick to Paul thats stupid because Derrick is younger.Paul did make a big impact to the clips and made griffin had better numbers without paul they dont make the playoffs when they do they make the playoffs and nearly win the 1st round then get sweeped.Without Rose Boozer numbers r down and Bulls lose the 1st round to philly with derrick they go to the eastern conference finals Rondo is a triple double machine and gets 10+ assists a game and is getting more than 10 points and is improving with his jumpshot. Deron is better then Russell better shooter passer defender and makes everyone around his team better russell dont do nothing but be explosive ballhog but he has improved with his shot. Tony Parker had the best season ever and steve Nash is getting older. Stephen Curry a 3 point specialist shoots 45% from the 3 point and averages Almost 20 points a game and 6 assist at a ypung age.Curry won the taco bell skills challenge that is everything a point guard has to do in there. John Wall is an athletic explosive point guard who plays in a very bad team with no help john wall is one of the leaders in turnovers But John is everything u want in a point guard Quickness,fastness,Good passer,great finisher and has a good shot.Walm averages 8 assist a game while with 17 points a game.Kyrie Irving proved hes number 1 pick by his clutchness getting to the rim and excellent shooter.Irving is not better than wall yet because wall is the best point guard and wall athletism and fastness.Irving will be sooner one of the best point guards.As a rookiw he cant be better then steph or wall.Kyrie averaged 18 and 6 with a bad cavs team. Honorable Mention: Brandon Jennings Ricky Rubio Ty Lawson Jeremy Lin Kyle Lowry

Is Kentucky better than Texas in basketball?

Texas is pretty good, but Kentucky is currently way better with John Wall and stuff.

Who is the better basketball player demarcus cousins or john wall?

the answer is based on your opinion.john is better in steals ,assists ,and points ,but demarcus is better in blocks and rebounds=)

Can john Wall beat Kobe Bryant?

Well in my opinion I think john wall is the best, flexible, and very very talented!!!and I think he is better then Kobe but it wouldn't be fair if they competed beccause the lakers been playing way longer then the wizards but if they did I wood think John Wall would beat Kobe Bryant.........!!!

What has the author John Wall written?

John Wall has written: 'Better exits' -- subject(s): Venture capital 'A letter from Mr. Wall to John Milton, Esquire, May 26 1659' 'Fraud training for Internal Auditors - is it adequate?' 'Malvern waters'

Is John wall in the Do the John Wall music video?


Is John Wall Dead?

No, John Wall is not dead.

Do rose cells have a cell wall?

yess they do bcuz they are a plan and plants have a cell wall

In your opinion which is better, Wall-Nuts or Tall-Nuts?

Wall-Nuts without a doubt.

What is John Wall's birthday?

John Wall was born on September 6, 1990.

What team John wall play for?

John Wall plays for the Washington Wizards

When was John Wall born?

John Wall was born on September 6, 1990.