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Eli Manning because he doesn't have as good weapons to throw to as Phillip Rivers does and he is more of a team leader

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Yes he is, just look at the stats, he is a complete quarterback and soon to be MVP he is one of the NFL's best quarterbacks top 3 or 5 while Eli is top 15

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Q: Who is better Eli Manning or Philip rivers?
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What player in 2004 was traded to the San Diego Chargers for Eli Manning?

Philip Rivers

What year did phillip rivers play quarterback for Washington Redskins?

Never. Philip Rivers was drafted by the New York Giants and then traded to San Diego in the infamous Philip Rivers for Eli Manning swap.

What year was Eli Manning born?

Eli Manning was signed in 2004 to the San Diego Chargers, and Phillip Rivers was originally signed to the Giants, but then the Chargers & Giants traded Quarterbacks.

Who is better Eli Manning or Mathew Stafford?

Eli Manning

Who else was involved in the Eli Manning David Rivers trade?

Eli Manning was traded for the rights to sign Philip Rivers (who the Giants had just drafted) and 3 draft picks that the Chargers used on Shawne Merriman, Nate Kaeding, and Roman Oben. Rivers, Merriman, and Kaeding all reached the Pro Bowl.

Which quarter back was selected 1st overall by the San Diego Chargers in 2004?

Eli Manning. He was then traded to the NY Giants for Philip Rivers.

Who was the first player selected in the NFL draft 2004?

Eli Manning was the first pick to go in the 2004 NFL draft to the San Diego Chargers. Later in the Draft the Chargers traded Eli Manning to the giants for Philip Rivers who was picked 4th overall.

Who drafted Eli Manning?

Eli Manning was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2004. Later in the draft the New York Giants traded their rookie QB, Phillip Rivers with Eli Manning and the chargers. So Eli Manning went to the Giants. Phillip Rivers went to the Chargers

Is Eli Manning and Peyton Manning twins?

No. Peyton Manning is 4 years older than Eli Manning.

Who is better Tony Romo or Eli Manning?

Eli! <3333

Eli Manning was picked by what NFL team?

The San Diego Chargers. But he was traded to the New York Giants that same day for quarterback Philip Rivers.

Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Aaron Rodgers?

Eli mannong