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Celtics because they have to best starting lineup in the NBA right now.

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Q: Who is better Celtics or nuggets?
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Who is better Celtics or Thunder?


Who is better Celtics of sixers?


Who is the better team Celtics or Knicks in the NBA?

celtics are they have better bench

Who is better Celtics or cavaliers?

Yes the Celtics are better than the Cavaliers

Who is the NBA best team?

The best teams are the Celtics, Lakers, Heat, Magics, Nuggets, and Mavericks.

Did bill Russell ever play for the nuggets?

Bill Russell played his entire career for the Boston Celtics.

When is the last time the lakers lost five straight games?

In February, when they lost to the Nuggets, Jazz, Heat, Warriors, and Celtics!

Who is better the Celtics or the heat?

The Heat have more younger players with lots of skill. But the Celtics have lots of good players. The Celtics are better than the Heat. The Celtics won more titles than the Heat. But the Heat aren't BAD.

Is a hot dog better then chicken nuggets?

No! C,hicken nuggets are better because the last time I ate a hot dog, it was to be polite, and then I puked. Chicken nuggets also taste better, if you have them with tomato sauce. I have now made myself hungry, awww we have no chicken nuggets in our freezer, so where do you live so I can raid your house for chicken nuggets.

What is the biggest NBA halftime lead?

Nov 7, 2007; Denver Nuggets @ Boston Celtics 38-77. EV Neth.

What team is better lakers or celtics?


Who is the leading the NBA play off with Laskers Vs rockets and magic vs Celtics?

Lakers and Magic both won 4-3 with Rockets and Celtics and advance to the Conference Finals between the Nuggets and Cavaliers

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