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AP by far! Just look at the stats and production since coming in the league. Bush has dropped off.

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Q: Who is better Adrian Peterson or regie bush?
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Who is better Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson

Is Adrian Peterson better than reggie bush?

Adrian Peterson hands down.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or reggie bush?

If you look at the total yardage per year, Adrian Peterson wins.

Who is stronger Adrian Peterson or reggie bush?

Adrian Peterson. Reggie Bush is more of a speed guy and lacks the power that Peterson has.

Who is faster Adrian Peterson or reggie bush?

Reggie Bush is a little faster but Adrian Peterson is much stronger. I believe Bush ran a 4.32 while Adrian ran a 4.38.

Is reggie bush better than Adrian Peterson?

Adrian is a better running back. Reggie is a better reciever, especially a slot receiver. Reggie doesn't play reciever, though. So at the position they both play, running back, Adrian Peterson is a better player.

Is Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson best friends?


Who is better apeterson Or rbush?

Adrian Peterson by far, Reggie Bush has made almost no impact in the NFL.

Is regie bush better than emit smith?


Did Adrian Peterson have a effect on the world?

Yes because when he was a rookie in the Best Team in the League which is the Minnesota Vikings he set the record for 1,000 yards in one game. He is way better than Reggie Bush, Reggie Bush is pretty good but compared to Adrian Peterson Reggie Bush sucks.

Who is faster reggie bush or Adrian Peterson?

reggie is not as fast as adrian but can out run defenders more than reggie can.

Who is the fattest running back?

Regie bush

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