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Adrian Peterson all the way

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Q: Who is better Adrian Peterson or LaDanian Tomlinson?
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Is Adrian Peterson a better football player than LaDainian Tomlinson?


Who is better Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson

Is Adrian Peterson better than reggie bush?

Adrian Peterson hands down.

What jersey is better to buy Brett Favre or Adrian Peterson or both?

Adrian Peterson

Who is better Adrian Peterson or Ryan Grant?

Adrian Peterson he is number one a future hall of famer.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or Brett Favre?

Adrian Peterson because AP is faster and a lot younger

Who is better Adrian Peterson or reggie bush?

If you look at the total yardage per year, Adrian Peterson wins.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or willie Parker on the steelers?

Adrian perterson

Who is better Adrian Peterson or chris Johnson?

i would say they're about equal but if someone was better it would be Peterson

Who is better Chris Johnson Adrian Peterson?

That is a matter of ones own opinion. Some people may think Chris Johnson is better. While others may think Adrian Peterson is better.

Is reggie bush better than Adrian Peterson?

Adrian is a better running back. Reggie is a better reciever, especially a slot receiver. Reggie doesn't play reciever, though. So at the position they both play, running back, Adrian Peterson is a better player.

Is terell Owens better then ladanian tomlinson?

You can't compare apples and oranges. They play different positions.

Who is better between Michael turner and Adrian Peterson?

Peterson is better statistically, but turner is a better goal-line runner and gets more touchdowns. all in all i'd take Peterson

Who is better Reggie Bush or laDanian Tomlinson?

LT its an opinion but i think reggie bush is better and hes on the new Orleans saints currently

Who is better Adrian Peterson or ladalian tomlison?

ladalian tomlison and dayday and jay

Who is better Marion barber or Adrian Peterson?

Marion Barber is faster and stronger than Adrian Peterson cause in his pro day he ran a 3.76 in the 40 yd dash. Marion Barber is the fastest guy in the NFL today.

Who will be the better fanasty running back in 2011 Adrain Peterson or Jamaal Charles?

I would choose Adrian Peterson; I don't know anything about Jamaal Charles, but Peterson would be hard to beat.

Who is better apeterson Or rbush?

Adrian Peterson by far, Reggie Bush has made almost no impact in the NFL.

Did Adrian Peterson have a effect on the world?

Yes because when he was a rookie in the Best Team in the League which is the Minnesota Vikings he set the record for 1,000 yards in one game. He is way better than Reggie Bush, Reggie Bush is pretty good but compared to Adrian Peterson Reggie Bush sucks.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or regie bush?

AP by far! Just look at the stats and production since coming in the league. Bush has dropped off.

Who is a better half back ladinian tomlinson or reggie bush?

ladanian tomilson, easily. he's fast and very methodical. I agree LT is better overall but Reggie is much faster and a big Home Run hitter he is one of the most explosive players in the NFL.

Who is better Adrian Peterson or chris jhonson?

Chris Johnson is by many seen as the best running back in football, being the sixth player (placed at no 5) to ever reach 2000 yards in a season (2006 yards). Adrian Peterson has on the other hand most yards in one game record, 298 back in 08/09 season against the Bears.

Who is better brian or Adrian?


Who is a better over all player Adrian Peterson or Brian Westbrook?

Depends on the situation. If you have the lead late in the game and need to get a couple of first downs while running time off the clock, definitely Peterson. If you need to pass the ball to move downfield fast, Westbrook.

Does the name Drake Adrian King sound better than Adrian Drake King?

Adrian Drake King has a better ring than Drake Adrian King.