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Q: Who is best player in soccer ball messi o ronaldo?
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Why is messi the best soccer?

no messi is not best soccer player gopal neopaney is best soccer player and he is best basket ball player?

Is messi the best soccer player?

Being the best is a matter of opinion. But he is surely one of the best.Ronaldo is better than him but messi is good to but messi should do his best and try to not take the ball by himm self ronaldo does that to but he gots to try to pass more but messi is the second best player..

Is Lionel Messi the greatest soccer or is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Four Four two elected Lionel Messi 1st and Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd because Cristiano Ronaldo tries too many tricks and stunts so he gets the ball taken away easily.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite soccer ball?

Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite soccer ball is the Nike Total 90 aerow ball. He had is best season in the premier league with this ball.

Who is the best soccer player that has ever played?

messi of course if he wins golden ball on January 10 he will do history by history i mean something Pele,maradona,ronaldo,carlos,Henry,c.ronaldo,beckham,zeco,ronaldiho,robinho have ever the golden ball three times in a row THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER THAST HAS EVER LIVED IS PELE! :)

Who was the best soccer player in 2010?

It was Diego forlan the only player in the 2010 ball to score a goal from a far distance, Messi was the F.i.F.A player.

C Ronaldo Or Messi?

well messi doesn't play that well for Argentina but he plays very well for Barcelona and ronaldo just a hogger and never passes the ball so i say.........................MESSI by Cameron Barr DJS

How old is ronaldo compared to messi?

its a tie.Because both players are the best.Messi is build for dribbling and ronaldo is build for skills.Just because messi does incredible solos and amazaing pass dosent mean messi is the best.Ronaldo is build for skills not dribbiling.He also does solo.But he is a goal scoring machine.Messi cant score that much as ronaldo.Table below shooting: Cristiano Ronaldo curving:messi acuracy:Lionel Messi heading:Cristiano Ronaldo Skills:Cristiano Ronaldo Dribbiling:Lionel Messi Goal scoring machine:Cristiano Ronaldo ball control:Lionel Messi So its 5-5, a tie So dont Compare

Who is good messi or ronaldo c?

They are both terrific players. Lionel Messi is well known for his speed and ball possession whereas Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his powerful shots and athletic body

Messi and ronaldo who is the best?

Of course Ronaldo(Cristiano), Messi was a good dribbler, however, he need much help from his teammates to get the ball into the penalty area to attack. Ronaldo can shoot from a long range, and always can bring the ball into penalty area solo, he also scored much direct free kick.

Who is the best soccer player alive?

AnswerCristiano ronaldo dos Santos aveiros. Has recently signed a 100 million euro contract with real Madrid's 2008 FIFA player of the year, and has also received golden ball. Ronaldo is known for his dazzling step overs as well as amazing air game and outstanding speed. Ronaldo is from fuchal,Madeira Portugal Ronaldo is also captain for his International club Portugal Ronaldo is a phenom

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball, just did it