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He did not have a real mother. Some people say he was adopted which was probally true.

Cheflord says,,,, I think you are an a<<hole, what make you think he has to be adopted? your racist mentality? what do people never get adopted here? or is it better not to be? I think many adopted people are better than you...

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Q: Who is Albert Pujols's mother?
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Mother of Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein's mother was Pauline Koch.

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What is the name of Albert Pujols' mother?

albert pujols doesnt exactly have a real mother because he is adoptid

What country did albert Einstein's mother come from?

Albert Einstein's mother, Pauline Einstein, was from W&uuml;rttemberg, Germany.

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Who was albert einstines mother?

Pauline einstein.

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She was a fireman

Did Albert Pujols have a mother growing?

no albert did not have a mom because his mom got shot

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Victoria's mother was biologically Albert's aunt (she was the sister of his father)

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Albert Einstein's father was Hermann Einstein and his mother was Pauline Einstein.

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No Albert Einstein did not have brothersAlberts younger sister Maria,albert's dad Hermman ,and his mother Pauline

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in BBerlin on 1922

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working on the corner

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Einstein's mother was Pauline Einstein (maiden name: Koch).

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