Who is a tour leader?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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peter sagot

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Q: Who is a tour leader?
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What color jersey does the leader wear in the tour of Spain?


What are the job specification for tour leader?

As a tour leader , your job will involve introducing tourists to unique and popular attractions, such as historical monuments, botanical gardens, Royal Parks, museums, art galleries and other areas of cultural interest.

What is the big group called that follows the tour de france leader?

It is called a peloton.

What are ways to travel to the Andes Mountains?

I used to be a tour leader in SA it depends on what part of the Andes you are going to - you could either do a tour or catch a bus to places like Cusco and then do a tour to Machu Pichu from there...

What The different between tour leader and tour guide?

A tour leader is some one accompanying the whole tour. He/she may not introduce the detailed sceneries or sights, but take general care of accommodation, transportation between locations and communication with tour guides in each stop. A tour guide usually refers to local tour guide, who guide in a specific location. Responsible for arrangements in his city, i.e. meals, local transportation local hotel arrangement, city introduction, and on-site commentary, etc. For a package tour, tour leaders and tour guides are working together to ensure a great sightseeing experience of travelers. For independent travelers, tour guides and tour leaders usually refer to same responsibilities in the destination. Tour Guides reference:

On Hajj why do Muslims have to leave their real passports at home and get a pass to enter?

Also, what happens when they meet their tour leader?

Does the guy in Tour de France who always gets green win the race?

No. Yellow is the color for the overall leader.

Who is the leader of girlicious?

Chrystina sayers will lead girlicious for their international world wide 4 month tour. The tour starts in June 2010. their album comes out early June. Chrystina is the lead singer

Has One Direction met a world leader?

They were invited to meet Obama at Easter but unfortunately were unable to attend because they were on tour.

What happens in the Cycling's Tour de France when the leader has a toilet break?

The race don't have any scheduled potty breaks. If the leader has a big lead and a short break, then he'll stay as the leader. If he has a short lead and a long break he'll lose the lead.

What is the only sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends?

The Tour de France.

What sport does the main player wear yellow shirt?

cycling.the overall leader of the tour de France will wear a yellow shirt.