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Chris Evert.

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Q: Who is a six time US Open winner?
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Which two-time winner of The Open Championship married a six-time winner of the US Tennis Open in 2008?

Greg Norman

Who is the only six time winner of the US Open tennis tournament?

Chris Evert.

Hale who was the 3 time US Open winner?


Who is the current winner of US Open?

The current winner of the men's US Open is Novak Djokovic.

Who is the three time us open winner and has the first name Hale?

Hale Irwin

Who is a Six time US Open champion?

Chris Evert

Who is the 6-time winner of US Open Tennis Tournament?

Chris Evert won the US Open 6 times, the only person to do so.

What is the prize money for the winner of the US Open?


US Tennis Open winner?

Rafael Nadal

Who was the winner of the 1950 US Open?

Ben Hogan

Who was the winner of 1992 US Open?

Tom Kite

Winner of 1992 US Open?

Tom Kite