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The following are the two New Zealand Field Hockey teams that competed at the 2012 London Summer Olympics - which is a list of 32 recent players.


Ryan Archibald

Phillip Burrows

Simon Child

Dean Couzins

Steve Edwards

Nicholas Haig

Andrew Hayward

Blair Hilton

Blair Hopping

Hugo Inglis

Stephen Jenness

Shea McAlesse

Richard Petherick

Kyle Pontifex

Bradley Shaw

Nicholas Wilson


Samantha Charlton

Melody Cooper

Clarissa Eshuis

Cathryn Finlayson

Gemma Flynn

Krystal Forgesson

Katie Glynn

Ella Gunson

Charlotte Harrison

Samantha Harrison

Stacey Michelsen

Alana Millington

Emily Naylor

Anita Punt

Bianca Russell

Kayla Sharland

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Who are some famus new zealand hockey players?

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Q: Who is a recent New Zealand field Hockey Player?
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Who is Nick Wilson?

Nick Wilson is a field hockey player from New Zealand.

What is the New Zealand field hockey team called?

The Black Sticks.

Who was the most famous field hockey player ever?

Dhyan Chand is by far the best field hockey player th@ ever was or will be.

How many people play field hockey in New Zealand?

Hockey New Zealand, the national body administering field hockey in the country, recorded 45,581 registered players in the 2011 winter season - from primary school players up to the Black Sticks national teams. This is a little over one percent of the New Zealand total population. 52.7 percent of hockey players in New Zealand are female.

What year did NZ mens field hockey win gold?

The New Zealand men won the gold medal in field hockey at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.

Who is the youngest recorded field hockey player?

Sohail Abbas The young pakistani hockey player

Who is hockey player?

A field hockey player: Captain of the Australian Kookaburras team, Jamie Dwyer.

Who is the best womens field hockey player?

In my view it is Luciana Aymar. She is the Diego Maradona of field hockey.

What is the national sport of New Zealand's women and girls?

Netball followed by field hockey

What is a field hockey player?

Jessie Coleman

Who was dhyanchand and what sport did he play?

He was an Indian hockey player and played field hockey

What types of sports do they do in new zealand?

Rugby, cricket, soccer, field hockey, tennis and F1.