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Rod Laver

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Q: Who is a famous Australian Tennis player?
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Who was the famous Aboriginal tennis player?

She was an Australian Aborigine named Evonne Goolagong.

What is Mark Philippoussis famous for?

Born on November 7, 1976, Mark Philippoussis is famous for being a good tennis player. He is a former Australian tennis player and turned professional in 1994.

Is Venus Williams an Australian tennis player?

Venus Williams is an American tennis player

Famous athletes whose last name starts with L?

Rod Laver is a famous Australian tennis player. Nancy Lopez is a famous professional golfer.

Does every player in tennis play in the Australian Open?

No, tennis players have to qualify themselves to play the Australian Open.

In 2002 Pete Sampras Lost to what other famous tennis player?

Marat Safin Round of 16 Australian Open

What is Lleyton Hewitt famous for?

Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian tennis player, is famous for ranking World No. 1 at age 20, making him the youngest male tennis player to ever rank World No. 1. He has competed in various tournaments as well.

Who is maria sanchez?

Maria Sanchez is a tennis player, a famous tennis player.

Famous Australian tennis player?

Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall , Yvonne Goolagong [ Cawley]. Somebody more current.please. Help!

Who are Famous Australian Tennis players 1980-2008?

Roy Emerson

Who used the famous phrase come on in the Australian tennis?

Layton Hewitt

What nationality is the tennis player Lieyton Hewitt?

AustralianHewitt is an Australian

Who is an Left handed Australian tennis players?

the only active, well-known left-handed Australian tennis player is Chris Guccione.

What sport is yannick Noah famous for?

Yannick Noah is famous for Tennis. He was a professional Tennis player.

What is Andy Murray the tennis player famous for?

Amazing tennis skills.

Australian tennis star famous for their aggressive cry - come on?

lleyton hewitt

Who was jimmie conner?

a famous tennis player

What did Serena Williams do?

She is an famous tennis player.

What Australian female player grew up playing tennis at Kingsley tennis club?

Kim Clisters

Who was the first player to be expelled from the Australian Open Tennis?

John McEnroe

Who is the male Australian tennis player that is married to an actress?

Lleyton Hewitt

Who is a famous black french tennis player?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a famous black french tennnis player. Gael Monfils is also a famous black french tennis player.

Who is 1948 Beryl Penrose AUS?

A famous Australian tennis player who won the women's singles title at the 1955 Australian Open. She was also won the women's doubles title with Mary Bevis Hawton at the 1955 Australian Open.

Who is Switzerland famous athete?

Roger Federer. He is a famous tennis player.

Name of former famous Australian tennis players in the 90's?

Pat Cash