Who is a famous Australian Hockey player?

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Ric Charlesworth - Kookaburras National Field Hockey Team

More famous now is Ben Albers. One of the best hockey players in the world.

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Q: Who is a famous Australian Hockey player?
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Who is hockey player?

A field hockey player: Captain of the Australian Kookaburras team, Jamie Dwyer.

Which Australian hockey player was a former Bauer Hockey employee?

Joe Blow

Who is the most famous female field hockey player?

Hayley Wickenheiser is the famous female hockey player.

Who are the Australian ice hockey players?

No Australian born and trained player has ever made it to the NHL. I suggest you use a search engine such as Google and check out the Australian Ice Hockey Federation for information on Australian hockey.

Can you name an Australian womens hockey player?


Is Nikki Taylor a Famous hockey player?

Yes, an extremely famous player.

Who is the most famous hockey player in India?

Dyan Chand. He is the legendary hockey player for India

Who are the famous hockey players?

Dmitri Yushkevich. Former Leaf. That is the only famous hockey player. #36

What is Adam David Commens famous for?

Adam Commens is a famous Australian field hockey player. He was born on May 6, 1976 and he goes by the nickname his teammates gave him, Billy. He plays for Australia.

Who is a Famous Austrlain Female hockey player?

There are many famous Australian Hockey Players which include, Anna Flanagan, Georgie Parker, Casey Sabowski (nee Eastham), Madonna Blyth, Kate Hollywood, Nikki Hudson, Ashleigh Nelson to name a few.

Famous hockey players?

The most famous hockey player is Wayne Gretzky, also known as The Great One.

Who is the most famous women field hockey player?

Ira Wiener is the most famous women field hockey player. She scored an average of 3.7 PPG.

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