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Me. You don't have to be famous to be a Ballet dancer. You just need to go ballet lessons.

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not true

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Q: Who is a current ballet dancer?
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Who is a famous current ballet dancer?

Alex Lion

What actors and actresses appeared in Filth and Wisdom - 2008?

The cast of Filth and Wisdom - 2008 includes: Claire Anne Elliott as Ballet Dancer Ade as DJ Marina Baldewnkova as Club Owner Girlfriend Danibelle Bryce as Ballet Dancer Elena Buda as Ballet Dancer Caroline Crawley as Ballet Dancer Lucy Dean as Ballet Dancer Amber Doyle as Ballet Dancer Rebecca Emmett as Ballet Dancer Eliot Ferguson as Gogol Bordello: Drums Thomas Gobena as Gogol Bordello: Bass Stephen Graham as Harry Beechman Nouska Hanly as Ballet Dancer Angela Harding as Ballet Dancer Layla Harrison as Ballet Dancer Katrina Hawkins as Ballet Dancer Lorea Hernandez as Ballet Dancer Shawn Holmes as Pianist Eugene Hutz as A.K. Maria Irisarri as Ballet Dancer Olivia Jenkins as Ballet Dancer Fiona Jopp as Ballet Dancer George Keeler as Frail Man Rhiann Keys as Ballet Dancer Francesca Kingdon as Francine Elliot Levey as Business Man Inder Manocha as Sardeep Vicky McClure as Juliette David Murley as Ballet Dancer William Musyk as Club Owner Luana Nalah as Ballet Dancer Evgeny Nikolaev as Gogol Bordello: Vocals Benjamin Ord as Ballet Dancer Nunzio Palmara as Nunzio Elena Poris as Ballet Dancer Ivan Putrov as Ballet Dancer Sergei Ryabtsev as Gogol Bordello: Violin Penelope Sharp as Ballet Dancer Tracey Simmonds as Pole Dancer Luca Surguladze as Young A.K. Jolice Truter as Ballet Dancer Tim Wallers as Mr. Frisk Clare Wilkie as Chloe Joanna Woodliffe as Ballet Dancer

Who is a great ballet dancer?

Sena Sato is a great ballet dancer

What is a ballerina?

A ballerina is a dancer that performs all of the beautiful moves of ballet.

What is a ballet dancer?

A ballet dancer is a person who dances in ballets, also known as a ballerina.

What actors and actresses appeared in Acis and Galatea - 2009?

The cast of Acis and Galatea - 2009 includes: Paul Agnew as Damon Olivia Cowley as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Lauren Cuthbertson as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Danielle de Niese as Galatea, a nymph and demi-goddess Mellissa Hamilton as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Christopher Hogwood as Himself - Conductor Cindy Jourdain as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Iohna Loots as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Steven McRae as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment as Themselves - Orchestra Dancers of the Royal Ballet as Dancers Samantha Raine as Dancer of the Royal Ballet The Royal Opera Chorus as Chorus Liam Scarlett as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Juliet Schiemann as Chorus Soprano Soloist Andrew Skidmore as Himself - Continuo Players: Cello Johannes Stepanek as Dancer of the Royal Ballet Dawid Trzensimiech as Dancer of the Royal Ballet

What actors and actresses appeared in Save the Last Dance 2 - 2006?

The cast of Save the Last Dance 2 - 2006 includes: Roshan Amendra as Breakdancer Jade Anderson as Hip Hop Dancer Chris Andrew Robinson as Hip Hop Dancer Shelley Anne Richardson as Hip Hop Dancer Tre Armstrong as Candy Azama Bashir as Ballet Dancer Ron Bedeau as Hip Hop Dancer Jacqueline Bisset as Monique Ian Brennan as Franz Maria Brooks as Katrina Katherine Clarke as Ballet Dancer Laura Cota as Ballet Hybrid Dancer Caitlin Cullimore as Ballet Dancer Lenny De La Pena as Hip Hop Dancer Nicole De Lecia as Hip Hop Dancer Aubrey Dollar as Zoe Ashley Evelyn Bell as Friend at the play Diane Fabian as Bella the Pianist Troy Feldman as Breakdancer Michael Hanrahan as Mr. Stills Melody Ichimura as Ballet Dancer Jessica Keeling as Ballet Hybrid Dancer Victoria Lamond as Giselle Dancer Chantelle Leonardo as Hip Hop Dancer Seana McKenna as Simone Eldair Izabella Miko as Sara Tammy Nera as Ballet Hybrid Dancer Tina Pereira as Ballet Dancer Lily Pritchard as Ballet Dancer Ashleigh Rains as Ballet Dancer Latoya Robinson as Hip Hop Dancer Valerie Saija as Giselle Dancer Katy Schroeder as Ballet Dancer Jordan Setacci as Hip Hop Dancer Columbus Short as Miles Mike Spendlove as Theo Anisa Tejpar as Ballet Hybrid Dancer Dayna Tietzen as Ballet Dancer Brendan Wall as Nigel Matt Watling as Marcus Evan Williams as Shane Kevin Yee as Ballet Dancer Charissa Zoetmulder as Ballet Hybrid Dancer

How tall is ballet dancer Paloma Herrera?

ballet dancer Paloma Herrera is about 5'3" (160cm)

When was Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards created?

Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards was created in 2003.

When was Jiล™รญ Jelรญnek - ballet dancer - born?

Jiří Jelínek - ballet dancer - was born in 1977.

What is the name for a male ballet dancer?

A danseur or a ballerino and NOT a ballerina because that is the feminine form of ballet dancer

What do you call a main female ballet performer?

The main female ballet dancer is known as the prima ballerina who is the leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

In what year was Li Cunxin born?

Li Cunxin, the Chinese-Australian former ballet dancer, stockbroker and current Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet, was born on 26th January 1961.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ballet Dancer - 1983?

The cast of Ballet Dancer - 1983 includes: The Electric Theatre

Who is the first female black ballet dancer?

Lauren Anderson was the first female black ballet dancer to be a principal of a company

What actors and actresses appeared in Premiere - 1951?

The cast of Premiere - 1951 includes: Diana Adams as Ballet dancer Robert Alda Isabel Bigley Wayne Coy as himself Faye Emerson as herself Arthur Godfrey as himself Durward Kirby as himself Tanaquil Le Clerq as Ballet dancer Sam Levenson as himself Nicholas Magallanes as Ballet dancer Ferdinand Moncion as Ballet dancer Garry Moore as himself Patty Painter as herself William Paley as himself Edwina Seaver as Ballet dancer Ed Sullivan as himself Jilliana Williams as Ballet dancer

A female ballet dancer what is called?

A female ballet dancer is called a ballerina. She is a beautiful, graceful, hardworking girl.A dancer, a ballet dancer, a danseuse or a ballerina (an all-purpose compliment for every girl who dances).

What is a noun meaning good dancer?

ballet dancer, ballerina

What is a classical dancer called?

You may be referring to a Ballet Dancer

How old do you have to be to become a Ballet Dancer?

The younger the better, Ballet dancers usually start training when they are still very young, you can be 15 and a ballet dancer. You have to just follow your dreams, be dedicated, Ballet dancing is not easy but very rewarding.

What is a Ballet Dancer called?

Most dancers prefer to be called a ballet dancer, versus a ballerina, because the name ballerina is normally associated with pink fluffy tutus and music box ballerinas. A ballet dancer is in connotation with the elegant form of ballet. In addition, guy dancers are called ballet dancers. Another slang word for a ballet dancer (often used among dancers towards each other) is a bunhead. This is a light-hearted word that refers to how ballet dancers always wear their hair in a bun, in or outside of the studio!

What actors and actresses appeared in Pimple as a Ballet Dancer - 1912?

The cast of Pimple as a Ballet Dancer - 1912 includes: Fred Evans as Pimple

Where could I buy my daughter ballet dancer charms?

Rembrandt offers a beautiful ballet dancer charm in 14k yellow or white gold.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Red Shoes - 1948?

The cast of The Red Shoes - 1948 includes: Brian Ashbridge as Dancer Neville Astor as Corps de Ballet Mark Baring as Corps de Ballet Albert Bassermann as Ratov Michael Bayston as Corps de Ballet Michel Bazalgette as M. Rideaut Eric Berry as Dimitri Leonard Boucher as Corps de Ballet Irene Browne as Lady Neston Anne Byatt as Corps de Ballet Joy Camden as Corps de Ballet Denis Carey as Dancer Alan Carter as Solo Dancer Robert Dorning as Dancer Lynne Dorval as Dancer Paula Dunning as Dancer Derek Elphinstone as Lord Oldham Helen Ffrance as Dancer Gladys Forrester as Corps de Ballet Donato Forte as Corps de Ballet Eddie Gaillard as Dancer Hilda Gaunt as Accompanist Richard George as Doorman Marius Goring as Julian Craster Greta Grayson as Corps de Ballet Paul Hammond as Dancer Audrey Harman as Corps de Ballet Joan Harris as Solo Dancer Robert Helpmann as Ivan Boleslawsky Suzanne Jemmett as Corps de Ballet Barry Klare as Corps de Ballet Esmond Knight as Livy Julia Lang as A Balletomane Joan Lehman as Corps de Ballet Joyce Linden as Corps de Ballet Tommy Linden as Dancer Trisha Linova as Dancer Charles Lisner as Corps de Ballet Gordon Littmann as Ike Graham MacCormack as Corps de Ballet Anna Marinova as Dancer Enid Martin as Corps de Ballet Guy Massey as Dancer Denise Merrum as Corps de Ballet Helene Mladova as Corps de Ballet Patricia Norman as Corps de Ballet Yvonne Olena as Corps de Ballet Collin Patrick as Corps de Ballet Philippe Perrottet as Corps de Ballet Hay Petrie as Boisson Marcel Poncin as M. Boudin Emeric Pressburger as Man Waiting on Station Platform Marie Rambert as Madame Rambert Peggy Sager as Dancer Ruth Sendler as Dancer Moira Shearer as Victoria Page Joan Sheldon as Dancer Bill Shine as Her Mate Jean Short as Terry Jackie Smithers as Corps de Ballet Saxon Stobart as Corps de Ballet Meta Thomas as Corps de Ballet John Tore as Corps de Ballet Austin Trevor as Prof. Palmer Jerry Verno as Stage-Door Keeper Anton Walbrook as Boris Lermontov George Woodbridge as Doorman - Covent Garden Anne Woolliams as Corps de Ballet Marnia Zarina as Corps de Ballet

Who is a dancer with a dessert named after her?

The great ballet dancer Anna Pavlova