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Kobe Bryant has a higher shooting average, so he is the better shooter

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Dwyane Wade! Enough said

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Q: Who is a better shooter Kobe or dwanye wade?
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Is dwanyde wade better than Kevin durant in basketball?

dwanye wade

Who are the best basketball legends?

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Dwanye Wade are just a few.

Who is better wade or kobe?

Kobe is better because he is more fastter, more powerfull and can shot better and wade he is just sorry.

How good is Kobe vs Dwyane Wade?

kobe is way better

What does dwanye wade look like?

google it

Who is the biggest flopper in the nba?

Dwanye Wade

Who is better Kobe Bryant or dwyane wade?

Kobe is way better besides mj truly Kobe and dwyane still have there career so do one can determine till they both retire That's not what I think. To me dwyane wade is better. And we will never stop from being the flash.

DwayneWade Is Better Than Kobe Bryant?

Yes dwyane wade is actually better game wise. Kobe may be better in shooting but never count d wade out on a hot day in Miami he can turn Kobe to ashes even on the defensive end wade is better in blocks. Dunks there is an obvious advantage for wade heres my list top 3 . 1. D wade 2. Kobe 3. Lebron

Who's better Dwayne Wade or Kobe Bryant?

easily Dwayne wade

Who is better Kobe or Kevin durant?

Kevin durant is better than Dwayne wade and Kobe Bryant

What Collage did Dwanye wade go to?

marquette university

What collge did dwanye wade go to?

Marquette University