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Tim Tebow is the better football player I will admit that but Matthew Stafford is the better Quarterback!

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Q: Who is a better quarterback Tim Tebow or Matthew stafford?
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Is Tim Tebow a quarterback?


Why do you think that Tim Tebow stayed another year do you think that he would have been picked before Matthew Stafford?

He wanted to finish college and get his degree, and it's possible.

Who is the greatest college quarterback?

Tim Tebow

Who is the Florida gators starter quarterback?

Tim Tebow

What position does Tim Tebow play in the NFL?

Quarterback for the Jets

Lowest single season completion percentage for a quarterback?


Who was the quarterback for the 2006 and 2008 Florida gators national championship teams?

Tim Tebow (is this question a joke?)

Is tebow good?

Yes, Tebow is a resourceful Quarterback and finds ways to win games. It's also understood that Tim Tebow has a very hard work Ethic.

Who won the heismen in 2007?

Tim Tebow quarterback, University of Florida

How big is quarterback tebow?

6 foot 3 236 LBS

What college quarterback threw the fewest interceptions in a season?

tim tebow

Who was the quarterback for the jets when they won the 1969 Super Bowl?

Tim Tebow