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They both have their own quallities, and its a very very hard decision, but I would say they are tied. After this season LeBron will probably be better. If we compare the two you can give your own opinion :

Offense : Kobe

Jumpshot : Kobe

Drive : LeBron

3 point shot : Kobe

Post Game : Kobe

Perimiter Defense : Kobe

Inside Defense : LeBron

Steals : LeBron

Blocks : LeBron

Dunk : LeBron

Clutch : Kobe

Leadership : Kobe

Speed : LeBron

Strenght : LeBron

Passing : LeBron

Basketball IQ : Kobe

Hustle : Tie

If you want to start a franchise, obviously choose LeBron, he is younger.

If you need someone to take the game winning shot, choose Kobe.

If you need someone to shut down the other team's best player, choose Kobe.

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14y ago
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LeBron James. Duh! Come on people have you not seen Kobe Bryant in the clutch? He is hurrible. He wouldn't be able to hit a last second shot with Charles barkley on him and Charles barkley is old, washed up, and very out of shape. Lebron all day. I'm out! Peace

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Kobe is still in the playoffs on his way to his 5th ring an lebron is at home still practicesing so you do the math whos the best

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Q: Who is a better player Kobe Bryant or James Lebron?
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LeBron James

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Definitely, Kobe Bryant is much better than LeBron James.

Is there a player who can beat LeBron James?

kobe bryant can beat "LEBRON JAMES LIKE NOTHING".

Is Kobe Bryant better at everything than LeBron James?

no, lebron has a better shot than Lebron James, but Lebron is quicker, stronger, and more athletic, than Kobe.

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This is one of the ESPN communist and we have checked all the averages and LeBron James has been better in every category so the true answer is LeBron James.

Contrasting Kobe Bryant and LeBron James?

Kobe is by far the better player. lebron is not clutch at all. When it comes to game winners Kobe is the best in the game. That is the biggest difference.

Who's Better in Basketball LeBron James or Chris Bosh?

Lebron James is better player.

Is Kobe Bryant the Most dominant player in the NBA today?

No, Lebron James is.

Who is better Larry Bird LeBron James Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant?

LeBron James. They are all great, but LeBron has a certain sparkle in his eye and in his smile that none of the others have. He's not only a great player, he's a great human being.

Kobe Bryant or Lebron James who is the best?