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Q: Who does Obama think is better LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?
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Who did LeBron James vote for in the election?

Barack Obama (D)

What actors and actresses appeared in Get Schooled - 2009?

The cast of Get Schooled - 2009 includes: Kelly Clarkson as herself LeBron James as himself Barack Obama as himself

Who were the first nine justices of the US supreme?

John F. kennedy barock obama james harden gorge washington abraham lincoln george bush lebron james kevin durant metta world peace

Was Michelle Obama with James Brown?

No, Michelle Obama was never with James Brown.

Who is a better president?


Who is better mitt or Obama?


Will Obama invite nba players to play basketball in the White House?

He already has... He invited Dwayne wade, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Bill Russel, Pau Gasol, Chris Paul, Barron Davis, Shane Battier, Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Joakim Noah, and a female from UCON Maya Moore. And you know he must have invited Michael Jordan if he invited Magic Johnson, especially since Obama is a Chicago fan, which means MJ must have respectfully declined.

What does James Meredith think of President Obama?

James meredith is dead so I cant answer that question. James doesn't even know who obama is.

Who is a better President Obama or Romney?

Obama is the best

Who is better Barack Obama or Gordon brown?

Gordon Obama

Who were the major people involved at the Constitutional Convention?

jesus, lebron, obama, peter griffin, osama, and rosie odonnel

Who is better Obama or McCain?

Better at what?I think McCain is (was) a better fighter pilot.I think Obama is a better basketball player.Both of the above statements are OPINIONS.

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