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I think petr cech bcus he is the best

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Q: Who is a better goalkeeper casillas or cech?
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Who is the greatest soccer goalkeeper in the world?

Buffon - Italy Iker Casillas - Spain Peter Cech - Czech

Want to know the top 5 goalkeeper?

They are Iker Casillas, Buffon,, Cech, Julio Cesar , Valdez.

Who is better neuer or casillas at goalkeeper?

Casillas, but very slightly.

Is cassilas better then petre cech?

It depends on your opinion. Casillas is probably better in my opinion due to the fact that he is the Spanish national team goalkeeper and the fact that he plays for a better club in Real Madrid.

Who is better cech or casillas?

Two very different keepers but in terms of who makes less mistakes and can remain calm and composed and taking into account one anothers height, i would have to go with Casillas

Who concede more goal last season cech vs casillas?

Iker Casillas-32 goals conceded Petr Cech-34 goals conceded

Who is Chelsea football clubs goalkeeper?

Today the Chelsea goalkeeper is Petr Cech.

Who is the best English goalkeeper?

petr cech.

Is cech the best goalkeeper?

no gianluigi buffon of Italy is If you mean on Petr Cech, he is Czech.

What is the best soccer goalkeeper for boys?


Who is the greatest football goalkeeper?

Iker Casillas

Name of Spain goalkeeper?

iker casillas