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ronaldo better long range shots

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Q: Who is a better footballer Rooney or ronaldo?
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Is ronaldo better than Rooney?

ronaldo is better!!!

Highest paid footballer in Britain?

there is a few high paid footballers Rooney , Messi , Ronaldo to name a few . But the better the footballer the higher the pay

Who is better Rooney or ronaldo?

I think Rooney is better than ronaldo any day because ronaldo is a big showoff.

Is Rooney better than ronaldo?

No, but Rooney is a Striker and Ronaldo a Right-winger (who sometimes plays strike), but if you look at both of them generally, then Ronaldo is far betterRonaldo is much better at skills but Rooney can finish goals better than Ronaldo. Rooney has scored many more goals than Ronaldo!

Is Lionel messi the best footballer in the world?

It is between Messi, Rooney and Ronaldo.

Who is better Ronaldo or Rooney?

Rooney Rooney has scored way more goal than Roaldo and his a striker + better.

Who is the best footballer in the whole wide world?

the answer is Lionel MESSI then Christiano RONALDO then Wayne ROONEY

How is better kaka or ronaldo?

the both world class player the both were born in Portugal but who is better kaka or ronaldo well to me it has to be Cristiano ronaldo he the best player in the world then it is messi then it is kaka then it is wanye Rooney then it is fabergas so the best from kaka and ronaldo is Cristiano ronaldo Cristiano ronaldo is the best looking footballer he got the best skills

Who is better Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo. World player of the year.

Who is better Wayne Rooney or ronaldinho?

ronaldinho is diffently better than Wayne Rooney. Rooney has big ears and ronaldinho is a better footballer! Rooney is good but not as good as ronaldinhho

Are you a better footballer than Wayne Rooney?

No I am not thank you for asking.

Rooney or ronaldo?


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