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bill gorisun. hes great at it!

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Q: Who is a Sports Agents in Roanoke IN?
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Can women be sports agents?

Yes women can be sport agents

Who are the sports agents for the Chicago Bulls?

== ==

Do sports agents get money every season game?


Where do you find a description of what sports agents do?

A description of what sports agents do can be found on the Wikipedia website. You could also find a description in any online or physical encyclopedia.

What has the author David Fishof written?

David Fishof has written: 'Putting it on the line' -- subject(s): Biography, Professional sports contracts, Sports agents, Theatrical agents

Which state does not have existing law governing sports agents?


How much does a sports agent get paid?

Sports agents are generally paid a percentage of their clients' contracts. According to, agents get about 15% of their clients salary. They get a higher percentage with endorsement deals. This is incorrect! Sports Agents get 3% on wages and 4% on endorsements. More than this you are paying too much.

Where can one find information on real estate in Roanoke?

Information concerning real estate in Roanoke which is in the state of Virginia can be found on the website realtor. Alternatively you may use local real estate agents offices.

Where can one find homes for sale in Roanoke?

One can find homes for sale in Roanoke by looking in local newspaper, magazine, brochure, and flyer ads where real estate agents often post advertisement with a listed house.

Do sports agents get paid overtime?

No. They usually work on a commission basis.

Are there Sports Agents in Atlanta?

Actually, Atlanta is the only city in the nation in which sports agents are completely banned. This law was passed in 1947 when a rogue Atlanta Braves agent slaughtered 127 people on Peachtree Street. Since then, the sports agents were considered to be extremely dangerous people, so the profession was banned within the city limits.

How many sports agents are there in the United States and is the amount increasing or decreasing?


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