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Q: Do sports agents get money every season game?
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How much money do sports agents earn per year?

They make 1$ per year.

How much money is spent every year on sports That includes tickets players wages merchendise the root of this question is How much money does America waste on sports every year?

almost no money is wasted on sports because sports are a business

Are international sports a waste of money?

Of course not!! International sports are not at all the waste of money as they provide every sportsman an opportunity to show everyone what talent he or she has.

How many sports pay prize money?

Every Single Professional Sport

How much money does the average Canadian spend on sports every year?

an average of $760

How much money is spent on sports advertising each year?

Every year sports advertisers spend around 400 dollars to advertise every commercial. But annually about 400,000.

How much money do soccer players get every week?

That depends on how good they are and the contract that they manage to negotiate (and how much the agents take as a cut).

How much money does Sebastian Janakowski make a year?

According to FOX Sports, Janakowski's 2007 season salary was $1.1 million.

Do acting agents cost money?


Do you think professional sports teams positively or negatively impact a city money wise?

Positively because fans spend money on the sports' teams' merchandise. They also spend money on tickets. Better teams make better money, or if they suddenly become good, an example is the Chiefs' sales skyrocketed after the previous season.

What is the occupational outlook of a sports agent?

well, agents are paid a certain percentage of their players salary. so, if you are an agent, you want to represent a player who has a lot of potential to play for a long time and to be good so the player gets lots of money. the outlook of this position is good because as long as there are professional atheletes, there will be agents to represent them. However, the amount of money you make for doing this job is all up to the kind of sports athelete that you represent.

What do women basketball players pay their agents?


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