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Chris Evert

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Q: Who is a Six time US Open champion?
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Who was the three time US Open champion?

Ivan Lendl

Who is a six time US Open winner?

Chris Evert.

Who was Tony who played golf in the 60's?

Tony Jacklin, 1969 Open Champion and 1970 US Open Champion.

Who is us 2013 open champion?

rafael nadal

1976 US Open Champion?

Jerry Pate.

Who was the 1994 US Open Champion?

Ernie Els.

US Open pool 14.1 champion?


Which two-time winner of The Open Championship married a six-time winner of the US Tennis Open in 2008?

Greg Norman

Who was the 2008 US Open men's champion?

Roger Federer

Who was US Open women's champion in 2006?

It was Maria Sharapova.

Who was the 1966 US Open tennis champion?

Fred Stolle

Who was the first champion in US Open singles?

authur ashe