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your joking? okay Michelle mccool is a wwe diva that debut in 2004 and at first she was on monday night raw then she traded to smackdown she is a pro wrestler.i hope u kno layla her best friend

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:41:13
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Q: Who is WWE diva Michelle mccool?
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What is WWE diva Michelle McCool's last name?

It is McCool

Who is hottest WWE diva?

Michelle mcCool

Which diva is the undertaker with?

The Undertaker is with WWE Diva Michelle McCool

Who is Michelle mcool?

Michelle Mccool is a WWE diva and she is on Smackdown.

Who sings WWE diva Michelle McCool?


Is Michelle mccool a wrestler?

Yes, she is. She is a WWE diva.

Michelle McCool diva in WWE is dating?

Michelle McCool is actually now married to The Undertaker.

Who is WWE star the undertaker married to?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool last name WWE diva?

Her last name is McCool

Who is undertaker 's wife?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

Who is the best WWE diva ever in the world?

Michelle McCool

Who is the undertaker dating?

The Undertaker is married to WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

What is the most searched thing on yahoo?

Michelle McCool .....a wwe diva

Who is Undertaker wife?

At the moment it's the WWE diva Michelle McCool.

Will maria beat Michelle McCool for WWE diva championship?


Who did undertaker marry?

The Undertaker married WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

What is the name of WWE diva Michelle McCool's theme song?

"Not Enough For Me"

Who is undertakers wife in real life?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

Has WWE diva Michelle mccool been in nude?

ne she didnt

Is Under taker married?

yeshe is married to wwe diva Michelle mccool

Is WWE diva Michelle mcCool married?

Yes she married the Undertaker this summer.

Who is the undertaker best friend?

probably his wife, WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Is undertaker dating anyone?

He's married to WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Has the undertaker kissed a diva?

Yes,he kissed his wwe wife Michelle Mccool

Is WWE diva Michelle mccool related to tna knockout Angelina love?