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Brian Kelly

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Q: Who is Notre Dame's current football coach?
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Who was Notre Dames football coach in 1936?

Elmer Layden. Layden coached the team between 1934-1940 and compiled a 47-13-3 record.

Who is the coach of Notre Dame football?

Charile Weiss

What are the release dates for The Moment - 2013 Notre Dame Football Coach 1-5?

The Moment - 2013 Notre Dame Football Coach 1-5 was released on:USA: 3 May 2013The Moment - 2013 Notre Dame Football Coach was released on:USA: 3 May 2013

Who was the coach at Alabama when they beat notre dame in football?

Gene stallings

Notre Dame football coach from 1919-1931?

Knute Rockne

Are Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly related?

Are Brian and Chip Kelly Related As Brothers? No, Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly are not related as brothers. Indeed, they do not have any family connection whatsoever. However, they are connected to football and respect each other dearly.

Renowned Notre Dame football coach during the 1920s?

Knute Rockne.

Who was the college football coach for Notre-Dame in the year 1982?

Gerry Faust

Who is the current Indian Football National Team Coach?

Bobby Houghton of England is the current coach of Indian Football National Team

Who coached Notre Dame football in 1941?

1941 was Frank Leahy's first year as ND's football coach.

Who is Lou Holtz?

Lou Holtz is a retired American football coach and current college football analyst for ESPN. He won 249 games as a college head coach, which includes the national championship with Notre Dame in 1988. Holtz was also the head coach for the New York Jets in 1976.

Who is the longest serving Head Coach of the Notre Dame football team?

knute rockne

Name an ncaa football coach who was recently fired and his team?

Weis/Notre Dame

Which college football coach has produced the most Heisman Trophy winners?

Notre Dame

Who is the current coach of Fulham?

The current coach of Fulham football club is Felix Magath who is a former coach of Bayern Munich.

Who is the current coach of Chelsea football club in UK?

Carlo Ancelotti is the current coach of Chelsea

Who is the current head football coach at the University of Michigan?

Rich Rodriguez is the head football coach for the University of Michigan.

Who is the coach of the French National Football team?

Raymond Domenech is the current coach of the French national football team.

Who is the coach of the Uruguay football team?

Oscar Tabarez is the current head coach of Uruguay national football team.

What coach won the most games at Notre Dame?

The head football coach with the most wins at Notre Dame is Knute Rockne with a record of 105-21-5 Lou Holtz is second with 100-30-2.

Who is Tyrone Willingham?

Ty Willingham is the current head coach of Washington. Previously, he was head coach at Notre Dame (the first and only black head coach) and Stanford. Notre Dame fired Willingham after subpar seasons and has been a discussion of debate to this day.

Who is the winningest football coach in Notre Dame history?

To answer your question Knute Rockne with 132-8-10 I hope this helps

What college did current ou football did current ou football coach bob stoops attend?

Iowa University.

Who is current football coach of Alabama?

Nick Saban

Who is the current auburn football coach?

Tommy Tuberville :)