Who is Michelle mcool dating?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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jimmy noble August 14, 2008 She is not dating Jamie Noble he is happily married. She is dating the Undertaker

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Q: Who is Michelle mcool dating?
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Why is Michelle Mcool and undertaker dating?

Because they like each other, why else?

Are undertaker and Michelle mcool dating?

yes Michelle mccool has been dating undertaker ever since undertaker got divorced with his wife

Has Michelle mcool got kids?

i think so cos on the videos of wwe divas and superstars it was Michelle Mcool and 3 kids!!

Who is Michelle mcool?

Michelle Mccool is a WWE diva and she is on Smackdown.

Does Michelle mcool smoke?

Midhelle mcool dosent smoke mabye i dont know mabye or mabye not

Is WWE diva Michelle Mcool still in WWE?

No she is not

Who is Michelle mcool going out with?

The Undertaker in real life.

Are rey mysterio and Michelle mcool married?

no way

Is Michelle mcool married?

Yes,Michelle is married to....... The UnderTaker and they live in Houston,TX!!

Who dated the undertaker?

Paul Heyman said he dated traci Dali before he met Sara. But now most ppl say Undertaker is dating Michelle mcool.

Are Michelle mcool and Melina sisters WWE?

No. Michelle McCool And Melina Perez Are not Sisters On a Storyline Or For Real.

Does Michelle mcool smoke ciggarettes?

no she does not but she is hot enough to light one.