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No she is not

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Q: Is WWE diva Michelle Mcool still in WWE?
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Who is Michelle mcool?

Michelle Mccool is a WWE diva and she is on Smackdown.

Who is the most sexiest WWE diva?

Maria,Kelly Kelly,Michelle Mcool,Eve,Maryse,and Torrie Wilson

Has Michelle mcool got kids?

i think so cos on the videos of wwe divas and superstars it was Michelle Mcool and 3 kids!!

Does WWE Michelle mcool have kids?

No but she is curently married to fellow wwe wrestler "The Undertaker"

What is WWE Michelle mcool real name?

Michelle McCool's real name is Michelle Leigh McCool.

Which diva is the undertaker with?

The Undertaker is with WWE Diva Michelle McCool

Are Michelle mcool and Melina sisters WWE?

No. Michelle McCool And Melina Perez Are not Sisters On a Storyline Or For Real.

Who is hottest WWE diva?

Michelle mcCool

Who is WWE star the undertaker married to?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

How tall is WWE diva Candice Michelle?

she is 5'7

Who sings WWE diva Michelle McCool?


Is Michelle mccool a wrestler?

Yes, she is. She is a WWE diva.

How old is Micheal mcool from WWE?

Michelle McCool was born on 25th January 1980. She is 32 years old as of 2012. She is the real life wife of the WWE superstar "The Undertaker". In the WWE she is a 2 time Diva's champion and a 2 time Women's champion

What is WWE diva Michelle McCool's last name?

It is McCool

Who is WWE Diva Candice Michelle dating?

She Is Married........................Sigh :(

Who is undertaker 's wife?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

What is WWE diva Candice Michelle cell number?

i wish i no

Who is the best WWE diva ever in the world?

Michelle McCool

What is the salaries for WWE divas in 2008?

Beth phoenix:220,000 Melina:123,000 Michelle mcool:150,000

Who do you think the fittest WWE diva is?

The fittest WWE diva for fact and this accutally a real fact. The fittest wwe diva is Michelle Mccool i mean just look at her body.She has the slimiest one

Michelle McCool diva in WWE is dating?

Michelle McCool is actually now married to The Undertaker.

What are the girls that play WWE smackdown?

layla,michelle mcool,tiffeny and some of the girls on monday night raw

Who is the undertaker dating?

The Undertaker is married to WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

What is the most searched thing on yahoo?

Michelle McCool .....a wwe diva

Who is Undertaker wife?

At the moment it's the WWE diva Michelle McCool.