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Matt Kenseth currently drives for Joe Gibbs Racing. The team is owned by former Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs and his son J. D. Gibbs.

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Q: Who is Matt Kenseth's car owner in Nascar?
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How much does a NASCAR team owner pay to enter a car in a NASCAR race?


Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

What number racing car does Matt Kenseth drive in NASCAR racing on behalf of Toyota?

NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth, drives car #20 on behalf of Toyota. Matt races his #20 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing in the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.

Who was the car owner when Rusty Wallace won the Nascar Cup Series championship?

Raymond Beadle was Rusty Wallace's car owner when he won the Nascar Cup Series championship in 1989.

Did Junior Johnson win a NASCAR title?

Not as a driver. Junior Johnson did win Nascar championships as a car owner.

Who drives the Crown Royal car in Nascar?

Matt Kenseth drives the #17 Crown Royal car.

What make car does Matt Kenseth drive?

Matt Kenseth drives a Toyota Camry in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

Which nfl football coach was the first to be an owner of a nascar car?

Joe Gibbs

Who does Matt Kenseth drive for in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Matt Kenseth drives the #20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Who is the crew chief for Matt Kenseth in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Jason Ratcliff is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth and the #20 Husky/Dollar General/Home Depot car.

How many Nascar wins does Jack Roush have as a car owner?

150 wins

Who is Kurt Busch's car owner in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

In the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, Kurt Busch drives for Furniture Row Racing (owner: Barney Visser).

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