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Q: Who is Manchester united assistant manager?
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Was frank o'farrel manager of Manchester united?

He was manager of Manchester United from 1971 to 1972

Who is the manager of the football team Manchester United?

the Manchester united manager is sir Alex Ferguson

Was bobby charlton a manager?

Bobby Charlton played for Manchester united, Then he become the Manchester united manager

Who was Manchester united manager before Ron Atkinson?

who was manchester united football club manager before Ron Atkinson

Who was manager of Manchester united in 2007?

Sir Alex Ferguson, he has been the manager of Manchester United for 24 years now.

Who was the Manchester United manager in 1911?

Ernest Mangnall was the manager at that time then left to mangage manchester city

Captain of Manchester United in 1971?

Bobby Charlton was manager of Manchester United from 1967 to 1973.

Who was the manager for Manchester united football club in 1987?

Manchester United's manager, since November 1986, including the whole of 1987, has been Alex Ferguson.

Who was the first manager of Manchester united?

bill opmintey

When did Ferguson join Manchester United as manager?


Who is chicharito's manager?

At Manchester United it is Alex Ferguson.

Who is Manchester united's next manager?

David Moyes