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Pyuish Chawla has the jersey of #11.

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Q: Who is India cricket players jersey numbers 11?
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Who are sport players in India?

they are cricket players most indians will support them

Where do cricket players play the most?

Cricket players play the most in Australia and England.And now in India also .

Are there any female cricket players if so where are rhet from?

Yes there are several different cricket players in the world. The range from all over the world also. The country India has its own womens cricket team.

Why is India a hard team to beat at cricket?

India is a hard team to beat at cricket because it has efficient players like Raina, M.S. Dhoni, Yuvaraj Singh etc.

Who is the player who played both cricket and football for India?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

Who is the greatest and the second greatest cricketer of India?

''Kapil Dev'' is one of the greatest cricket players of India. and 2nd is ''Sachin Tendulkar''..

Who are the India team 11 players of tomorrow's cricket match of India vs west Indies?

GambhirRahaneKohiliYuvrajRainaDhoniJadejaAshwinB KumarI sharmaAshok Dinda

Is cricket killing other sports in India?

yes, cricket is killing other sports because the BCCI is giving more money to the cricket players than any other Sport.

Who have played Test Cricket for India as well as for Pakistan?

Three players have played International Test Cricket for both the countries; India and Pakistan. They are: Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Gul Mohammad and Amir Elahi.

Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

Ofcourse yes, fantasy gaming is legal in India, There are fantasy gaming websites that are sponcering the India's biggest cricket premier league. A large number of players play fantasy cricket regularly on different platforms. I also play fantasy cricket daily on Games91, It is the best gaming company in India. Not only fantasy cricket, you can play a variety of fantasy and skilled games in Games91.

What is correct 'Indian Cricket' or 'India Cricket'?

Maybe 'India Cricket'

India's top twenty cricket players?

Yuraj Sing, Goutham Gambir, Sehwag, Dhoni, Yusuf Pathan