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Terrance Edwards

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Q: Who is Georgias career receiving yardage leader?
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Who is Georgias career rushing yardage leader?

Herschel Walker

Who is LSUs career receiving yardage leader?

Josh Reed

Who is Clemson's career receiving yardage leader?

Terry Smith

Who is WVs career receiving yardage leader?

West Virginia's career receiving yards leader is David Saunders who amassed 2,608 yards from 1995-1998.

Who is the University of Georgia's career receiving yardage leader?

Terrence Edwards who played from 1999 to 2002

Who is the Ravens all time leader in receiving yardage?

micael Jackson

Who is the bulldog's career passing yardage leader?

David Greene

Who is Georgia's career passing yardage leader?

david greene

Who is Floridas career passing yardage leader?

Chris Leak

Who is Floridas career rushing yardage leader?

Errict Rhett

Titans receiving yardage leader in 2000 2001 and 2002?

Derick Mason

Who is the University of Georgia's career rushing yardage leader?

Herschel Walker.

Who was the Florida Gators career passing yardage leader?

Chris Leak

Who is Floridas GATORS career passing yardage leader?

Chris leak

Who is Michigan State's career rushing yardage leader?

The current career rushing leader for Michigan State is Lorenzo White.

Who leads the NFL in career all-purpose yardage?

Jerry Rice is the career all purpose yardage leader with 23,546 yards. Click on the 'All Purpose Yardage Leaders' link on this page to find out who the top 25 career all purpose yardage leaders are.

Who is OSU career passing yardage leader?

Art Schlichter 1978-81

Who is USC's career rushing yardage leader?

Carson Palmer 1998-02

Who is LSU tigers career passing yardage leader?

Tommy Hodson 1986-89

Who is LSU tigers career rushing yardage leader?

Dalton Hillard 1982-1985

Who is Notre Dames career passing yardage leader?

brady Quinn 2003-2006

Who is USC's career passing yardage leader?

Carson Palmer with 3942 yards in 2002.

Who is Ohio States' career rushing yardage leader?

Archie Griffin 1972-75

Who is the Ohio State University's career passing yardage leader?

MICHAEL JENKINS (2000-2003) -kelly-

Who is the Texans all time leader in passing yardage?

The leader in passing yardage is David Carr.