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This is definitely not an easy question to answer. One has to assess a number of different areas of a footballer's game to reach an answer. Well, if it comes down to the number of goals scored to the number of games played, then Peter Crouch would be the winner, but we all know he is'nt England's best.

Anyway, I think the answer probably boils down to two players in particular. Both are from the Mersyside. One being Steven Gerrard and the other Wayne Rooney. These two players have plenty of goals between them and both of them bring alot in their game. Gerrard provides openings and also darts forwards and scores goals, not to mention his defending capabilities. As for Wayne Rooney, it's almost the same.He can score, he can set up goals, he can also run back 70 yards to defend if needed.

So it all boils down to either one of these players. But if I had to put my vote, it would probably go to Steven Gerrard because of the experience he has over Rooney. Nevertheless, Rooney is still young and Gerrard is a year from 30. So Rooney will fill the number one spot very soon. I don't agree.

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Q: Who is England's best football player?
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