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He is a an NBA player that plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He is a 7'0 foot tall forward from Germany, and is one of the best current NBA forwards in the league.

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Q: Who is Dirk Nowitski?
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Who is better dirk nowitski or carmelo Anthony?

dirk nowitski

How tall is dirk nowitski?


Is Dirk Nowitski gay?

No, he has had many girlfriends.

How many nba rings does dirk nowitski have?


Dirk nowitski was born in what country?

Dirk Nowitski was born on June 19 1978 technically he is from Ukraine and Germany holding a dual citizenship in both countries.(not many people know about this)

Is Steve Nash friends with dirk nowitski?

in my opinion,yes.

What were Kobe Bryant's obstacles he had to face in life?

dirk nowitski

How many all-star games has dirk nowitski played in?

Dirk has played in 11 all star games.

First international player in the nba?

Type your answer here... Dirk Nowitski

What is dirks nowitski's jersey?

Dirk Nowitzki is currently number 41 for the Mavericks.

Which NBA player had to wait the longest to win an NBA championship?

dirk nowitski

What position does dirk nowitski play?

Dirk plays "Power Forward". Pretty deadly 3 point shooter for a 7 footer,..

Are there any white NFL or NBA players married to black woman?

Dirk nowitski is

Most free throws in a NBA basketball game without a miss?

24 by Dirk Nowitski

Why does Dirk nowitski wear the number 41?

Because he wanted to wear number 14 but it was taken

Would you trade Dwyane Wade for Corey Maggette and Dirk Nowitski?

No. Not in fantasy basketball and certainly not in real life.

What is Dirk Nowitski's career high in points for a game?

Dirk Nowitzki's career high in points in one game is 53 and it was against the Houseton Rockets on December 2, 2004.

Is Dirk Nowitski better than Larry Bird ever was?

No Dirk will never be better. Larry Bird was one of the greatest next to M.J. is hall of fame carrer will take a lifetime for Dirk to catch!!

Who is the fastest Rugby League player ever?

The Farstest Rugby Players ever Are Kobe Bryant, Lebron james and Dirk Nowitski

Why cant anyone block dirk nowitski?

Nobody can block him because he is very tall and he shoots the ball over his head on an angle

Where does Dirk Nowitski hang out in Dallas?

i am a good friend, we chill at applebees oftenHe hangs out with da people dat play basketball dough on the court

What sport did dirk nowitzki and Kevin Durant play professionally?

Both of these athletes are NBA basketball players. Dirt Nowitski plays for Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant players for oklahoma city thunder.

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Dirk is a Scots word for a short dagger. Perhaps you were named after a famous Dirk such as the explorer Dirk Hartog or the actors Dirk Bogarde or Dirk Benedict.

What is the birth name of Dirk Benedict?

Dirk Benedict's birth name is Dirk Niewoehner.

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