Who is Dallas basketball team?

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The Dallas Mavericks which includes many good players such as Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd

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Q: Who is Dallas basketball team?
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What basketball team won the championship this year?

Dallas Mavericks

What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

Did Dallas Cowboys come from San Antonio?

No, because they don't have a san antonio football team , so it wouldn't have originated from S.A, but you can argue about basketball since they do have a basketball team with Dallas, and even Houston.

Who is a better basketball team the Dallas mavericks or the Cleveland cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

What is the value of an ABA Dallas Chap basketball autographed by the team worth?


Shawn Marion is a professional basketball player for which team?

Professional basketball player Shawn Marion plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He began his professional career with the Phoenix Suns, then the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors before joining the Dallas team in 2009.

Where do the Dallas mavericks play basketball?

The Dallas Mavericks play basketball at the American Airlines Center.

What is the team of Texas's NBA basketball team?

well, one team is the san antonio spurs, two is the dallas maverics and three is the houston rockets the last is the austin bullhoops

Is Dallas mavericks team old?

There are no totally brand basketball teams. They we're formed in 1980 (31 years ago).

Who won the mav vs Dallas game in basketball?


Why did the Dallas team meet Obama?

For many years, it has been a custom that when a team wins the World Series in baseball, or wins the national championship in football, basketball, or hockey, the team members are invited to the White House to meet the president. That is why the National Basketball Association champions, the Dallas Mavericks, received the invitation, and they went to the White House in early January 2012.

Is Dallas an NBA team?

The Dallas Mavericks are an NBA team.

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