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Q: Who is Colt's QB?
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Who was the Colts QB in 1986?

Jack Trudeau started 11 games at QB and Gary Hogeboom started 5 games at QB for the 1986 Colts. Blair Kiel was third string.

Who was the starting QB for Baltimore in their Super Bowl loss to the Jets?

Earl Morrill was the Colts starting QB. John Unitas replaced him in the 3rd quarter and led the Colts on their only scoring drive.

What was the colts qb before Peyton Manning?

Jim Harbaugh

Who wears 6 for the Indianapolis Colts?

QB Dan Orlovsky

Who was the mlb 1st baseman who qb the colts?

John Elway

Who is the best NFL QB in 2009?

Peyton manning of the Indianapolis colts

Who is the colts all-star player?

peyton manning #18 Qb

Who is the worst Indianapolis Colts player?

Even though he was originally drafted by the Blatimore Colts and didn't really play that many games for the Indianapolis Colts QB-Art Schlischter.

Name the greatest Baltimore Colts QB?

John Unitas, hands down.

The QB who led the Colts to their Super Bowl win in the 2006 season was?

Peyton Manning.

Who is the qb for the colts?

1.Peyton Manning 2.Curtis Painter

Who was Indianapolis Colts quarterback in 1996?

Jim Harbaugh was the starter and Paul Justin was the backup. Kerwin Bell also saw action at QB for the 1996 Colts.

Who was colts quarterback in 1990?

Jeff George started 12 games at QB and Jack Trudeau started 4 for the 1990 Colts. Joe Ferguson and Mark Herrmann were backups.

Who quarterbacked the colts in 1971?

Earl Morrall (9 starts at QB) and John Unitas (5 starts).

What qb sacked the least in 2010?

In the NFL, both Eli Manning of the Giants and Peyton Manning of the Colts were sacked 16 times, the fewest of any starting QB for the 2010 season.

Who was the Quarterback before manning?

Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts in 1998 and immediately became their #1 QB. The QBs on the 1997 Colts were Jim Harbaugh, Paul Justin, and Kelly Holcomb.

How many passing yards did the Colts have in Super Bowl 44?

Colts QB Peyton Manning had 31 of 45 passes completed for 333 yards, 1 TD, and 1 interception.

Colts qb before manning?

Manning was the Colts 1st round draft choice in 1998 and started every game that season. The Colts starting quarterback in the 1997 season was Jim Harbaugh and the backups were Paul Justin and Kelly Holcomb.

Who was the Indianapolis Colts quarterback in 1984?

Mike Pagel started 9 games, Art Schlichter started 5 games, and Mark Herrmann started 2 games at QB for the 1984 Colts.

Where did jim caldwell come from?

Current Ravens Offensive Coordinator and former QB coach came from Indianapolis, where he was Peyton Manning's QB coach during his prime years, and the Colts' Head Coach for 2 years.

Who was the first football player taken in the 1983 football draft?

QB John Elway by the Baltimore Colts. Elway stated he would not play for the Colts and was subsequently traded to the Denver Broncos for QB Mark Herrmann, OL Chris Hinton (the Broncos #1 selection in the 1983 draft), and the Broncos #1 selection in the 1984 NFL draft.

Who were the Baltimore Colts quarterbacks after Johnny Unitas?

Unitas left the Colts after the 1972 season. The Colts drafted Bert Jones of LSU with their first round choice in the 1973 NFL draft and he wound up becoming the starting QB. Other quarterbacks for the Colts after Unitas in the 1970s were Marty Domres, Bill Troup, Mike Kirkland, and Greg Landry.

What is the date of the last game the Indianapolis Colts played in the Astrodome in the regular season and Who threw and caught the only touchdown for the Colts?

September 23, 1990 with the Colts losing 24-10. The TD pass was a 16 yarder from QB Jack Trudeau to TE Pat Beach in the third quarter.

Who was New England Patriots quarterback 1990?

The 1990 New England Patriots had three starting quarterbacks Steve Grogan, Marc Wilson, and Tom Hodson.1 vs the Dolphins - starting qb: Steve Grogan2 @ the Colts - starting qb: Steve Grogan3 @ the Bengals - starting qb: Marc Wilson4 vs the Jets - starting qb: Marc Wilson5 vs the Seahawks - starting qb: Marc Wilson6 Bye Week7 @ the Dolphins - starting qb: Marc Wilson8 vs the Bills - starting qb: Steve Grogan9 @ the Eagles - starting qb: Steve Grogan10 vs the Colts - starting qb: Marc Wilson11 @ the Bills - starting qb: Marc Wilson12 @ the Cardinals - starting qb: Tom Hodson13 vs the Chiefs - starting qb: Tom Hodson14 @ the Steelers - starting qb: Tom Hodson15 vs the Redskins - starting qb: Tom Hodson16 @ the Jets - starting qb: Tom Hodson17 vs the Giants - starting qb: Tom Hodson

What was the score of the Colts vs Jets game that occurred on October 14 of 2012?

On October 14, 2012, the Indianapolis Colts played the New York Jets. The New York Jets beat the Indianapolis Colts by the score 35 to 9. QB Mark Sanchez passed for only 82 yards in the win.